The Monster on 71st Street

You know that I have been living here for almost a year now and everything is always normal except…

On Wednesday when school let out early,  I walked home. The third house on the right, the one that was recently abandoned, had a window that was open. The lights were turned off but I could see two yellow eyes with red centers. The eyes followed me as I walk by the house. It looked like a monster!

Some kids at school told me that this house was cursed. They say that the people who built it were scared away because the house was built on a Native American Burial Ground.  No one has ever seen someone actually live there. So why would this window be open… what about those eyes?

On Saturday, I decided to face my fear and go inside the house. The house was dark and cold and had stuff that looked old, like from the 1950s. Suddenly I heard a noise that was coming from the kitchen. I jumped behind a lamp. Then I heard an old voice say, “Mr. Whiskers why are you looking out the window? Did you drop something again?”

Then I sneezed, and the old woman saw me. She said, “Who are you?” I introduced myself. The old woman told me her name was Mrs. Marginara. She told me that she lived there and did not like to go outside. She told me that she works from home selling things from the 1950s on her computer. She asked why I was in her house. I told her about the rumor I heard. She told me that was just a silly old myth. The eyes I saw were her cats. She told me how Mr. Whiskers had dropped his cat toy out the window on Wednesday.  She then offerred me some cookies, but I declined polietly.

As I was leaving, I noticed something. It looked like a Native American Totem Pole.  But rather than trying to figure out why that Totem Pole was there I left. Some mysteries are better left as mysteries.

12 thoughts on “The Monster on 71st Street

  1. good job , i enjoyed it a lot BUT the fifty’s
    isn’t old after all i remember them, well maybe they are old. what do you think>

  2. What a wonderful story. I particularly liked how there is a cat featured because I LOVE cats. I can’t wait to read your next offering.

    Sophie’s mum (from Brazil)

  3. I really enjoyed your story, it really leaves you wondering. You have a talent for storytelling.

  4. I liked the story. Great imagination.
    For a minute I forgot it was a story. I thought it was real and wondered why this lady was still living in this abandoned house. Then, I thought you were awful brave to go into the house to check it out.

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