One Talented Mutt by Gracie and Mama

Once upon a time there was a Royal Family. There was a Princess named Angelina, a Queen named Elizabeth, and a King named Phillip. But there were bad people who lived in the kingdom too. Like the evil Wizard. Oh and how can we forget about their Royal Dog, Prince Stanley!

One day the Royal Family decided to take a walk. The Evil Wizard, thinking that the family would be home, burst into their castle. He wanted revenge on King Phillip for charging him of Black Magic and sentencing him to the dungeon. But the Evil Wizard got hungry and decided to stop for a sandwich before taking his revenge. The Evil Wizard grew weary eating his peanut butter and dragon tail sandwich and fell asleep on the kitchen counter. Prince Stanley, having smelled someone eating his favorite snack dragon tails, wandered into the kitchen, saw the Wizard, Bit him in the shin and dragged him back into the dungeon. Then he came back and finished the sandwich. YUM!

When the Royal family returned from their walk they found their Royal pet sitting at the kitchen table and licking the crumbs from his sandwich. Angelina pointed out the open jar of peanut butter on the counter and said, “Mother, Father, We have the smartest dog in the kingdom! He knows how to make sandwiches!” The King and Queen looked at each other. They knew someone had been in their castle. Either that or they really did have the smartest dog in the kingdom.

The King called for his guards and told them to search the castle. Stanley began to whine as if he was trying to tell the King something. Angelina said, “Father, I think Stanley is trying to tell you something.” King Phillip said, “That is nonsense, dogs can’t talk!” The Queen said under her breath, “We didn’t think they could make sandwiches either!”

A few minutes later, a guard returned saying that he found someone in the dungeon. The Royal family, including Prince Stanley, ran down to check.

“My goodness, there really is someone in the dungeon,” said Queen Elizabeth.  The Evil Wizard woke up and said, “Ouch my leg hurts. Hey where is my sandwich? And why am I back in the dungeon?” Suddenly Prince Stanley began barking. The Evil Wizard jumped up and shouted towards the dog, “Now I remember! That stupid MUTT bit my leg and dragged me down here. And I think he ate my sandwich too!” Princess Angelina bent down to hug her dog and cheered, “Stanley is a hero!” The King and Queen were so proud of Stanley that they threw a party in his honor. Of course they served peanut Butter and Dragon Tail sandwiches!

The End!

4 thoughts on “One Talented Mutt by Gracie and Mama

  1. Great story! I really enjoyed reading it. I love the dialog you included, especially the queen’s comment about dogs making sandwiches. I plan to share your story with my children as well. They will love it!

  2. where is my peanut butter sandwich, i really love them, and oh yes, i really love your syory and you also. xxxxxx grandpa

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