End of One Chapter, Beginning of Another

My house is a mess. There are pictures laying on the floor, holes that need to patched on the walls and boxes…so many boxes. You see next week my family is moving to Florida. After 6 years in Virginia we are closing shop here and moving on. It’s not that things were so bad here, in fact in many ways they were great! It is just… This has been a rough year for my family. In March my mother in law passed away completely unexpectedly. Then in May my mother lost her brave battle with cancer. So within a matter of months both my hubby and I found ourselves as adult orphans. It sucks! No pussy footing around it… it just plain sucks. You see […]

How Do You WANT to Feel Today?

This morning as I sat down at my computer ready to work, or at least try to, I asked myself a question. ” How do I want to feel today?” You see I never really give much thought to that. Who has time? I just sort of go with the flow because well who has time to think and be present? But I’m kind of tired of being on autopilot so I’m stopping and asking myself how I want to feel today. You see I have this new theory. If I put it out there into the universe ( or at least here on my blog) if I say, ” Today I want to feel inspired and that I am inspiring others. Today I want […]

A TREE Style of Parenting?

An article appeared in my Facebook feed the other morning about a new popular style of parenting which is now being known as Submarine parenting. What I want to know is when did parenting become a battle and referred to in military items and terms…Helicopter, authoritarian and now submarine? I don’t know about you, but personally I do not want to battle my kids; I want to nurture them. Parenting is hard enough without putting these ideas of US against THEM into everyone’s heads. Especially our kids heads. I want them to feel like I am with them… not against them. This whole idea about referring to our parenting in styles is new to me. I always have thought as parenting as a type not a style. In  my The […]

Dear Husband, I need to tell you this…

Dear Husband, It’s the day after Valentine’s Day (You did good by the way) and I want to tell you some things. (We will also see if you read my blog! LOL) First off let me say how Grateful I am for you. You are a good man! Seriously no joke there. You don’t like folks to know you have a huge heart underneath your tough guy persona… but you do. Your gestures are never lost on me, when you do the dog’s voice is but gestures… never! Thank you for being there for me and making me laugh… sometimes! But what I really wanted to tell you is that I see you trying to connect with our kids and I am so proud of you […]

When You Don’t Know What to Say

I am constantly searching for the meaning in things. When something happens I want to know why. While this inquisitive attitude has certainly served me well in my chosen profession, it doesn’t help when I or someone I love is faced with tragedy. So many people near and dear to me have found themselves lately asking, “WHY?” The fixer in me wants to offer them answers. My thinking is that if I can help them solve this they will feel better. But sometimes there are no answers that you can come up with that can make it better. “Why did she get sick?” “Why isn’t she getting better?” “Why did he have to die?” “Why did he leave her?” “Why can’t things be easier for him?” “Why did he […]

A New Day

I hate Snow! I know kind of strange way to start a post when I have not blogged in almost a year. But yup I went there. It’s not so much that I dislike the idea of it, as much as the reality of the aftermath of it all. You see we were one of the many who were ever so lucky (sarcasm) to have been hit by the historic Blizzard2016. Yup 3 feet of snow was dumped on our sweet little neighborhood causing schools and basically all of civilization as we know it to shut down for over a week while we dug ourselves out. Okay perhaps I am being a bit over dramatic but that is what it felt like. As I type […]

Reading Magazine CRAP while Hiding in the Crapper or…Why Blake Lively’s DREAMS are Not MINE (You decide which title)

There is a beauty magazine that somehow just started showing up in my mailbox. Seriously I never subscribed to it but one day there it was. Usually I just toss it aside because to be honest looking at pictures of half-naked gorgeous 20 something year olds does nothing for my self-esteem.  But a lead on the front cover caught my attention and caused me to do exactly what it was intended to do… read on.  The glossy cover had a stunning picture of Blake Lively with a tag line that read: “LIVING HER DREAMS- On 2 Hours and 9 Minutes of Sleep.” After fixing the kids breakfast, doing the dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, answering a few must be answered now work emails […]

Do You ZOOM?

The Spring Issue of Zoom Autism Magazine was just released and like the other two issues before them… I am so proud! They just keep getting better and better. So many incredible writers in this issue. Don’t believe me? Check this out… Candid interview with Asperkids author and creator, Jennifer Cook O’Toole about being autistic, acceptance and her new book, Sisterhood of the Spectrum Stimeyland blogger Jean Winegardner on Autism Acceptance Month Autistic activist and Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking blogger, Amy Sequenzia zooms in on Attitudes, Information and Education Humorist and NY Best Selling Author, David Finch, pens a witty essay on Acceptance The Jigsaw Tree online community founder, Helen Teasdale explains the difference between Non-Verbal Learning Disorder and Aspergers To Be or Not to Be…In Drama […]


As April approaches I feel compelled to come on here and post because I know that old blog post I wrote many moons ago may reappear and I want to clarify things. You see just like my kids have grown older and more mature and wiser… So have I. Years ago when I first started blogging I was gun hoe trying to get the world to Light it up BLUE in April, raise money and support the Autism Speaks movement. But then I had the privilege of meeting so many autistic adults who have taught me so much. I am so grateful to these folks who are working so hard to pave the road that my boy and so many others will travel down. These […]

Why I Believe in Santa… and I’m Jewish!

“I’m not ready to stop believing in Santa Claus,” my 75-year-old father told me right before he passed away. “Daddy I think you are confused, you’re JEWISH!” I giggled. While my father was accepting of the fact that all his children had married out of the religion and therefore celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas, he himself remained very conservative in his Judaic ways making this whole “ Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” conversation bordering on the absurd. Yet, I was not shocked for towards the end of my father’s days these types of arbitrary remarks were not uncommon. But this time, it was different. What he said next would forever change my life. Fast forward several months to the day my then 10 […]