The Lean Mean Rice Eating Clean Machine or… How the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo saved my dog from having to join Weight Watchers

Every week I get at least one email asking if I would like to review a product or book. Most of the time I decline politely. My thinking is that if the product is not really something you all would or could perhaps benefit from learning about, why bother. I was about to do my standard “Thank You But No Thank You” reply to the request to try out BISSELL’s Perfect Sweep Turbo but then I saw how it is supposed to be good for picking up dog hair and that it is QUIET. QUIET… do you see why this caught my attention? Let me explain. Grace has asthma and allergies. We just found out that one of the things she is allergic to is […]

In Honor of me Reaching 2,000 likes on my FACEBOOK page a special Book #GIVEAWAY of “Homework- A Parent’s Guide to Helping Out without Freaking Out”

I am so excited. I have been waiting for my LIKES to hit 2,000 to tell you about this book, about Neil McNerney and to GIVEAWAY not 1 but 2 copies! The day is finally here. Why am I so excited… because this book is going to change HOMEWORK time in your house. I am not kidding. I say this because it happened in our house! Okay let’s get right to it. This book is different than any other book I have ever read. It is quick and easy to read, Neil’s sense of humor just pops out and every chapter ends with a summary and Don’t Freak Out exercises to try. It got me rethinking the way I parent, not just at homework time. […]

And the WINNER of the Social Thinking Game for Teen Aspies is…

We have a winner for the Should I or Shouldn’t I Perspective Taking  Game from the great folks at Social Thinking ! I wish I could give you ALL a copy but I only had one to giveaway. chose that person to be: Theresa!!! Who left the following comment: I have an amazing young man entering middle school too! He just happens to have aspergers too. Please sign me up for the giveaway! Congrats Theresa. I will be emailing you today asking you to please send me your mailing address! Thanks to everyone else who entered. The more people who respond to these types of contest the more often great companies like Social Thinking will offer to have me do giveaways to you all! […]

“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff FOR MOMS” Book review and #GIVEAWAY!!!

I have been so excited to do this review ever since the publicist contacted me asking if I would be interested in doing it. I have had the book a month now and FINALLY I am sitting down to tell you about it. You see it took time to write this because  like a good box of chocolates… I took my time reading this book and truly enjoyed each and every bite of it, wanting to make the delicious words last forever. I knew Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms  was going to be good, but folks this book should be a must read for every mom! Seriously! I am talking as soon as you see the little blue line on the stick or […]

What Have You Done For Yourself Lately BLOG, BOOK REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and as I stopped to think about all the brave men and woman who gave their lives to protect us and secure our freedom… I started thinking about all those folks mothers and fathers too. Especially the mothers. Moms who gave up so much to raise their children and then the pain they must have felt and still do feel now that they are gone. That got me thinking about all the other moms in my life too and the pain and difficulties they have in their lives now. And well before I knew it, it got me thinking about me and how I am as a mom and yes my difficulties. Which of course then got me thinking about who […]

WINNER of the Seeing Ezra Book and a quick Sunday Funny

So the winner of the Book written by Kerry Cohen was… Kristin (kce7199)! Congrats! Please email me your mailing address so that the book can be sent to you. Send it to   Sorry for not posting the last two days but it has been CRAZY around here. Nothing bad just crazy. I am still trying to download the pictures of the dog’s birthday party which by the way was a lot of funny! The pooch and the kids had a lot of fun! But until then, here is a quick funny for you to make you laugh. Enjoy and I hope your Sunday is a great one!

My Interview with Kerry Cohen author of “Seeing Ezra- A Mother’s Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of Normal” and GIVEAWAY of her book!

In August I received an email from the Publicist for Kerry Cohen (author of Loose Girl and many other award-winning books) newest book, SEEING EZRA- A Mother’s Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of Normal.  The email described her book as an eye-opening and inspirational chronicle of a mother’s struggle to protect her son from a system that seeks to compartmentalized and “FIX” him. I was intrigued so I Googled to find out more. What I found was a 2008 article called “What’s Wrong With This Picture? My autistic child doesn’t need to be fixed.” The last sentence of the post got me! If I am only able to do one thing for him as I usher him through childhood, it will […]

And the Winner of the Secret Agent Society Social Skills Program Giveaway is…

I am so excited to announce the winner. This program is so incredible. I know I talked a lot about it but that is how great it is. Okay enough blabbing on, the winner is… candace candy-lynn Congrats Candace. Please send your mailing address to so that I can give it to the creators of this incredible product and they can mail it to you directly. I can’t wait to hear how it works for your son. Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish I could have given every one of you a program. The winner was chosen randomly by So since I have your attention… I just want to put in a few plugs. One please make sure to check out (and […]

Secret Agent Society Social Skills Training Program for kids 8-12 with High Functioning Autism GIVEAWAY and Review

I have reviewed a few things on here before but none can compare to what I am about to tell you about. I was not asked to review this product either. I read about this program from the S-O-S.  Research Blog who was asked to review the program and then give it away to one of their readers. And guess what… I  actually won it! (You can read Danette’s review by clicking on the S-O-S link above.) I was thrilled and my son Jay was beyond excited to try it.  We were not disappointed either. I loved this program so much that I contacted the Social Skills Training Institute and told them that I was going to write an unsolicitated review and that I would […]

Review and #Giveaway of Virtual World Game “Surviving Time Island” #TimeIsland

I know I know too much TV and computers is not good for kids. But when the thermometer reads 102  in the shade, well I think exceptions can be made. Being cooped up inside had been driving us a little batty. That is probably why I practically kissed the postman when he delivered the Surviving Time Island Fun Pack to my house the other day. The kids could not open it up quick enough. Inside were all sorts of goodies such as bracelets, tattoos and stickers to share with friends. It even had a pair of glasses and a cute bandana as well as a tote to carry it all in.  The fun extras got the kids in the mood. In fact Jay called a […]