Why I am WALKING on October 22

So I briefly mentioned last week how I will be participating in the Nations Capital Autism Speaks Walk. I know many people have mixed feelings about Autism Speaks. Some think of the organization as a godsend, others… especially adults with autism, feel they don’t need an organization to supposedly SPEAK for them. Here is my take on it… I am one of the folks who is more concerned with making things easier for my child NOW and in the future rather than spending a lot of money trying to figure out WHY Autism exists and how to FIX it. I don’t think my son needs to be fixed. But he does need to be understood and well, that means money has to be spent to […]

Reading Magazine CRAP while Hiding in the Crapper or…Why Blake Lively’s DREAMS are Not MINE (You decide which title)

There is a beauty magazine that somehow just started showing up in my mailbox. Seriously I never subscribed to it but one day there it was. Usually I just toss it aside because to be honest looking at pictures of half-naked gorgeous 20 something year olds does nothing for my self-esteem.  But a lead on the front cover caught my attention and caused me to do exactly what it was intended to do… read on.  The glossy cover had a stunning picture of Blake Lively with a tag line that read: “LIVING HER DREAMS- On 2 Hours and 9 Minutes of Sleep.” After fixing the kids breakfast, doing the dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, answering a few must be answered now work emails […]

Why We Walk For Autism Speaks and Our Encounter With a Protester!

NOTE: The following was posted last October after we completed the Autism Speaks Walk. It is that time of year again and we are forming our team to do it again. I often feel a bit guilty telling folks that we are walking for Autism Speaks because part of me does not care for the way they do things. But I believe they are changing. The Autism Speaks VOTE video is incredible and actually features many Autistic individuals in it! I think they heard us and they get it. Either way we do the walk because JAY wants to do it! I have so many new readers since last year, so I thought I would repost this so you can see why we walk and […]

My Aspie is standing on the doorstep of puberty… and I am NOT ready to open the door and let Puberty in!

Jay will turn 11 next week and well… the hormones are kicking in. At least I think they are. I am not certain how much of the way he is acting and what he says lately is real or show. Perhaps both! Here is an example of what I mean. We took him back to the doctor yesterday to review the CT scan. The doctor confirmed that Jay does in deed need surgery but that it is only on his right foot and does not look as bad as she was thinking it would be. He still needs the surgery because if not taken care of it will get bad. But because it is not so bad she was telling him that most likely he […]

If I am not already crazy I will be in another 2 days

In two days I will be getting into the passenger seat of a rented car with suitcases, both children, a dog who gets car sick just driving to the corner and a husband who thinks we can drive the entire 19 hour trip to Miami, Florida without having stop for anything but gas. I told you if I am not already crazy for agreeing to do this, I will be officially toted away in a pretty white jacket in two days time! Yes, in two days my family will be making its pilgrimage south to see our family. That alone is enough to make you crazy. I mean the family part. But the actual thought of the pilgrimage to get there is keeping me up […]

Mama Gets Her Groove On & Does Damage Control… DAMN I’m GOOD!

  If nothing else… our home is entertaining! Never a dull moment over here. Take this morning for instance. Today’s conversation over eggs and Pop Tarts was all about the world ending. It was an interesting talk that ended in the entire family doing our own version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Zombie Dance!  You know just your average breakfast conversation. Okay here is a warning: If you are one of those folks who actually does believe that the world is ending tomorrow… well then you might just want to stop reading right now. Besides if today is really your last day on earth I would think you would have something better you would want to do then read my post. Heck I don’t believe the […]

Our Encounter with Autism Speaks Protestors

Image you are walking along, surrounded by thousands of other families but really lost in the magic of your own. You are on a high. Watching your boy, relaxed among his own is just too incredible a feeling to describe. Your boy is chatting away, spitting out facts about the types of rocks that make up the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, the path we are walking on. Your smile broadens as passerby’s comment on how brilliant your boy is. They laugh, they smile, they shake their head in understanding. No judgements, no whispering behind our backs about how loud he is being. No snippet remarks when he stops in the middle of the road to pick up rocks causing masses of people […]

Forever in Our Hearts

“Mom will we have red, white and blue pancakes for breakfast?” Gracie asks. Jay gets upset and informs her quickly that today is not a holiday. “But it is a holiday!” She insists. “It’s Patriot Day. A day to remember those who died and were hurt when the terrorists attacked. Its’ also a day to come together and appreciate this great country we live in!” The boy pauses and thinks it over and then replies, “Well if you put it that way then yes I guess red, white and blue pancakes would be appropriate.” So today we ate red, white and blue pancakes and we paused and said a prayer for those who lost their lives. Then I kissed them on the head and sent […]


I seem to be making a habit of starting off blog post with saying how sorry I am that I have not posted in a while. I guess it is a good thing as it means I have been getting some actually paying writing jobs. 🙂  Anyway today something happened that well… I needed to blog about as it would take more than a Facebook status to get the whole story out.  And this my friends is a story worth telling. I PROMISE! To the outside world this thing I am about to tell you about may not seem huge. BUT to us… you know the members of the Autism club, well it is beyond HUGE, which I am sure there is an actual word […]