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End of One Chapter, Beginning of Another

My house is a mess. There are pictures laying on the floor, holes that need to patched on the walls and boxes…so many boxes. You see next week my family is moving to Florida. After 6 years in Virginia we are closing shop here and moving on. It’s not that things were so bad here, in fact in many ways they were great! It is just…

This has been a rough year for my family. In March my mother in law passed away completely unexpectedly. Then in May my mother lost her brave battle with cancer. So within a matter of months both my hubby and I found ourselves as adult orphans. It sucks! No pussy footing around it… it just plain sucks. You see before whenever we moved I always felt like it was okay because we had a home someplace… our parents’ home. It gave me a sense of stability, it made me feel safe. Then suddenly that safety net was ripped out from underneath us leaving us sort of just hanging here in limbo.

At almost 47, even though I have a wonderful hubby, two great kids, a sister, brother, aunts and a gazillion cousins, nephews, nieces and friends… I felt alone.

So… in an effort to feel connected again, to build what I hope will be a new safety net for my family, we are moving back to Florida where most of our family still lives. We will still be a few hours from them all which is fine because well… its been a long time since we have lived close to family and we kind of got use to being on our own. But close enough to them that we will feel connected again, there for one another, SAFE.

Now you know why I have not been blogging so much. We have slowly been finishing the pages of this last chapter  and getting ready to start a new one. It is both exciting and scary as hell… but mostly exciting. It is like I told Jacob the other day. Its hard when you finish a really good book. You don’t want to say goodbye to the characters that have become so familiar and feel like family. But if you don’t ever put the old book down, you will never know what the new book waiting on your desk is all about. Sure it’s a risk that the new book could suck. But there is also a chance that it could be a new Harry Potter just waiting to be explored.

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