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How Do You WANT to Feel Today?

This morning as I sat down at my computer ready to work, or at least try to, I asked myself a question. ” How do I want to feel today?” You see I never really give much thought to that. Who has time? I just sort of go with the flow because well who has time to think and be present? But I’m kind of tired of being on autopilot so I’m stopping and asking myself how I want to feel today. You see I have this new theory. If I put it out there into the universe ( or at least here on my blog) if I say, ” Today I want to feel inspired and that I am inspiring others. Today I want to feel strong and creative and loving and joyous!” If I say these things, which I just did l, then I now have control to make them happen. And for a person who really really likes control that is huge! I cannot control what things are going to happen today… But I can control the way I choose to react and feel about them; and today that feeling I want to feel is inspired and loving and strong and creative and hopefully all that will make me joyous. So I ask you, ” How do you want to feel today?”

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