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Dear Husband, I need to tell you this…

to my hubbyDear Husband,

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day (You did good by the way) and I want to tell you some things. (We will also see if you read my blog! LOL)

First off let me say how Grateful I am for you. You are a good man! Seriously no joke there. You don’t like folks to know you have a huge heart underneath your tough guy persona… but you do. Your gestures are never lost on me, when you do the dog’s voice is but gestures… never! Thank you for being there for me and making me laugh… sometimes!

But what I really wanted to tell you is that I see you trying to connect with our kids and I am so proud of you for it. Teen years are hard and raising kids with challenges can be even more difficult. How easy it would be to just turn the other shoulder, to not try so hard for you never know what reaction you will get from the kids these days. But you don’t do that, and well… it makes me love you even more.

This year has been a year for growth for us all… especially our boy! He is discovering who he is, what works for him, what he needs to be successful and how to find his calm. It is an incredible thing to watch and something I look forward to seeing more often. And our girl is turning into a beautiful young woman before our eyes… whether you like it or not! I love that most of the time she is making good choices and that the eye rolling has become less and less. I am so proud of our kids and that they understand our values and are figuring out there own and thankfully those two things are matching. I think we both deserve a pat on a back for that!

So dear husband, what I am trying to say to you is that I love sharing these moments with you by my side and I never ever take them for granted. But you are still not getting a watch for your birthday!

Love you more,




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