geek + club + books = autism awareness, acceptance and POSITIVE CHANGE!

Geek-Club-Books-Etymology-WebYou know how a person one day just seems to pop up in your life, and you really are not sure how, or why BUT once they are there and you have the pleasure to get to know them, you start to wonder how you ever lived with out them being there cause they are just so awe inspiring and special and unique? (Wow that was a huge run on sentence… sorry! But forgive the horrible grammar and keep reading okay? I promise you will not regret you did.) Anyway, that is how I feel about Jodi Murphy from Geek Club Books. Jodi has such passion, drive, vision and love for her children that you cannot help but want to jump right in and help her out and be a part of her projects! Believe me, I know because she is one of the wonderful ladies who I am doing ZOOM Autism Magazine with… need I say more? Actually I do need to say more, cause um… if you don’t know her yet and about what she is doing… YOU NEED TO!!!

But before I get to how you can help and be a part of something that really can change the way the world views autism (one story, one app, at a time no less), let me you give you the background on Jodi and her incredible 501c3 charity Geek Club Books.

Jodi Murphy, and her two kiddos, (the incredible voice over actor Jonathan who happens to be autistic and the equally gifted singer and writer Molly who happens to not be autistic but just as special and unique) are autism storytellers. I know how cool is that? Wait it gets better. You know how they are telling their stories…they’re using app technology to engage and teach children about autism and to help those who are autistic feel valued and welcomed. Their first story app “The Mighty League Vol. 1: The Terrible Taunting, is an interactive comic book, that tells the tale of an autistic boy (or girl – because the reader can choose the gender and um Grace really liked that part!) on his (or her) superhero quest to stop bullying on the playground.  And the story is inspired by Jodi’s son’s real life experiences. Check this out to get a better idea because my words do not do it justice!!!

Parents, kids, educators and app reviewers say this  awesome app encourages acceptance and understanding.  My kids say it was lots of fun and well in their own words, “WAY COOL!”  And are you sitting down…Jonathan, Jodi’s son, even received a Temple Grandin award for his contribution on the app. HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES!!!

Jodi and her crew are ready to do their next app, “Mighty League Vol. 2: The Horrible Hug”. In this story, the main character (boy or girl because just like in the first app the reader gets to choose gender) embarks on a journey to an alien planet, aka a brand new school! The story is inspired once again by Jonathan’s real experiences going from a school where he was bullied and stigmatized to a school where the teachers transformed his life.

But here is the deal… apps cost money folks. Like lots and lots of  bucks! So Jodi has set up an Indiegogo campaign with the hope of getting the support from the community to raise the $10,000 they need to cover the cost of illustrations, animations, audio and app development. They’ve got some cool perks for contributors including their apps, Mighty League comic book, CDs, limited edition prints, drawing you into the app, or Jonathan will come to you to perform his children’s story time show. (And for the record… we have seen Jonathan perform and in person and he is so funny!!! My kids still talk about Mr. Redge the hedgehog!) With all of us behind them, they can profoundly change how the world views autism…one story at a time. So what you are waiting for? Go make positive change happen!

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