Gracie’s Turn Now- Since mom hasn’t been blogging much (LOL)

Stanley snuggling his new toy in his new bed with his new blanket! He is so cute!

Gracie here,

Mom has been really busy with Zoom Autism magazine (which by the way have you seen the new website? I’m so proud of her!) and since it was my doggie’s birthday…I got permission to come on here and tell you all about it.

The night before his birthday we bought our pooch a new bed and blanket. I wanted to keep them in the garage so we could surprise him the next day, but mom did not let me. So we gave it to him early. 🙂 At first he was scared of it and kept sniffing at it and staring longingly at his old bed. Mom was kind of annoyed by that. But eventually he climbed in, realized how soft it was and curled up and happily went to sleep.

On the morning of Stanley’s 4th birthday, (which is  guess in dog years would make him 28 which makes him a little old still live with his mommy) we gave him two new toys and a bone. (Which by the way he ate it all in like 10 minutes which made him super sick and well, lets just say he gave mom a not so nice present! Naughty boy!) Anyway, he loved his little elephant and even brought it into his bed and fell asleep holding it! I snapped the picture above with my new phone. Yeah that’s right I finally got a phone for my 11th birthday!

As if all the above was not enough, I convinced mom to make him a mini hamburger for dinner. Yeah he is spoiled… but he is so cute. After dinner mom let him join us on the couch (A huge No-NO usually) while we watched a family movie.

So there you have it… our furry friend’s birthday extravaganza! Hope you liked hearing about it!



P.S. Mom said I should make sure to tell you that she gave me permission to do this so you would not think I like hacked into her account or something. She’s cool that way. And yeah she’s sitting here so I had to write that! Just kidding mom… (Not really!LOL)

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