The Birth of ZOOM Magazine… I am so excited

So once again I have been MIA lately. I hate how I am not blogging like I used to. But I really do have a good reason this time. I have been putting together all the content for the premiere issue of ZOOM- Autism through many lenses magazine. What? You haven’t heard about ZOOM? Well then before I go any further, check this out…

I am the writer part of that beautiful video. I am so excited about this project. It just sort of happened, out of a conversation that was more talk than real. But then we started thinking about it and well… it just seemed like we had to explore the idea. Before we knew it Jodi Murphy from Geek Club Books (the story-teller) and Sharon Cummings from Conquer for Conner- My Special Love (the law changer) and I just kind of decided this could be something big… something very real that will help people, and perhaps even change the way the world views autism. And so the last few months have been a blurr. A fun, crazy, headache blurr. But as we come to the final stages of our first issue and things that were only thoughts and ideas in our head are starting to actually become real and tangible I cannot help but feel, well… full of hope. I hope you all will read it and that you will respond to it and be moved and most of all that it will fill you with the same hopefulness that putting it together has made us feel.

Here are a few teaser videos of what’s to come. Make sure to stay in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter to find out when our website is up and running, when ZOOM will launch and info about an incredible giveaway of a SIGNED copy of Temple Grandin’s new book! Lots to come…

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