My 10 and a half Principles to Leading a Happy and Successful Life!

Happy LifeI’m a jumper! No not a jump out of airplanes, off bridges or on a trampoline kind of gal; more of a I have so much passion about something I jump in full throttle and sometimes don’t realize the water is full of sharks until I am already in!This past week I JUMPED… and for a bit the water was great and then… cue JAWS music! And so yet again another life lesson was learned.I decided I really needed to write these down as a reminder to myself, my kids and well… maybe just maybe they will help you! So without further ado, I give you ten and a half (cause the last one is more of a mantra) principles I have learned (and hopefully will remember next time and the time after that and so on) to live by!

Sharon’s 10 and a half Principles to Leading a Happy and Successful Life

1. Go Ahead and JUMP… But do it with your EYES OPEN!– Passion is important, in fact it is essential if you want to grow and change and progress and be happy. There is no risk-free guarantee in life, so sometimes just going ahead and jumping right in, rather than slowly dipping your toe in the water, is the best way to proceed. HOWEVER… and yeah I yelled that at you by capitalizing it… make sure you have your eyes open and you take a good look around you before you jump. Because while the water may look nice and calm from the surface and so appealing and full of promise and hope, you never know what creatures may be lurking underneath ready to take a chomp out of your backside! So look first and maybe wear some padding on your bum, then jump!!!

2.) Someday NEVER Comes– Some day I am going to have tons of money, have a huge house, be famous and be able to eat whatever I want and not gain an ounce! Guess what… SOMEDAY Ain’t Never Coming! (And yeah I said ain’t and I know it ain’t a word… see what I did there, cute, right?) Seriously, you can’t just wait around for your dreams and opportunities to just come knocking on you door. YOU have to go looking and yup… you need to be the one who knocks on opportunities door! If you do, trust me he will open and happily let you in! But don’t forget Principle #1. Look before entering to make sure it’s not the Big Bad Wolf dressed in Grandma’s house coat! Speaking of grandma’s, that brings us to …

3.) Put on your Earrings- My grandma Gertie was 91 when she passed away and there was never a time, even when she was in the hospital, that I ever remember her not having earrings on. I once asked her why having her earrings was so important and her response is forever ingrained in my soul. She said, “No matter how you feel, every day you get up, shut up (no one wants to hear you complain about your aches and pains),dress up and never ever GIVE UP!”

4.) Success is Not the key to Happiness, Happiness is the Key to Success- Yes it sounds like a bad fortune cookie but if you stop a second and think about it is very very true. If you are doing what makes you happy then you are already successful now aren’t you! Perspective my friend. Why do I suddenly have a craving for chicken fried rice?

5.) Keep Your Head UP– If you want to see a rainbow… you have to look up to the sky! And remember before every rainbow there is always some rain.

6.) If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Won’t Change You!– My son and daughter have taught me this one. When life tosses roadblocks in your way, it’s a chance to get out the Monster Truck and Drive right over them, or feel free to use the SUV to drive around them too. The point is challenges are a chance for us to think outside the box, to problem solve, to get out of our comfort zone, to learn, to grow and yup Change!

7.) Fair Isn’t Everyone Getting the Same Thing, Fair Is Everyone Getting What they Need to Be Successful- And this is not just something to use with your kids when they are complaining about how unfair it is that their brother got 3/4 of an inch larger slice of cake. This goes for us adults too! Be it in the work place, your marriage or as a mom. In order for me to be successful as a mother, a wife, writer , person… I need to do things for ME sometimes and not feel guilty!

8.) There is No Future in the Past – What is done is done.  Monday quarterbacking is not going to change the outcome of Sunday night’s game. So don’t get stuck in the “I Should HAVE”, “I Could Have”, “What Ifs” and instead; BREATHE, learn from it… move on!

9.) YOU Create Your Own Calm- I may not have the power to change all the crazy around me, but I can change how I choose to react to it. I can put a fence around my worry so it doesn’t get away from me and remember to pause and reflect before I react.

10.) Be KIND- We have no idea how our simple acts of kindness influence people, and how far that positive energy goes.  What we give out comes back to us.  Spread kindness and receive it in return.

10 and a half.) BE YOURSELF- Whenever you feel outside pressure to do/be/say/act in a way that is not congruent with your true nature, or when you hold back from doing what you  really want to do because you’re afraid of being judged; say to yourself, ” I ACCEPT MYSELF FOR WHO I AM AND I CHOOSE TO BE!” Then do what YOU want or need to do. This is the hardest lesson  for me, but when I remember to follow it, I really do feel the most content and fulfilled!

I ‘m sure there are many more principles I have already learned and will learn in the future, but for now, I think these 10 and a half are a really good start. What would you add to my list? leave a comment and let me know!

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