May the FOURTH be With YOU!

May the 4th be with youThis is Jays favorite weekend of the year. Yesterday free comic book day (which he of course participated in) and today Star Wars Day. To celebrate the occasion my boy has happily parked himself on the couch in his Star Wars lounging pajamas and he will remain there content repeating lines and flapping excitedly during the battles ALL DAY LONG!!!! And I will look on in awe at what pure sweet innocent joy will be illuminated by my son today! We can learn a lot from my kid.

(Picture shared of course with permission and shows my boy Jay on the couch reciting the opening scroll message from heart and holding onto his own hands because he became self aware that he was flapping. But don’t worry he will forget about it all and happily give in to the wonderful stim later on and let the happiness he will no doubt feel while watching one of his favorite movies flow out of him!)

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