Excited to be part of a FREE VIRTUAL Parenting Event and you can be a part too… and um once again it’s FREE!!!

freeLet me start off by saying I am not selling you anything…just the opposite I am GIVING you something for FREE!!! And before you shake your head and say like I need more parenting advice like I need a hole in the head… read on cause this virtual event is going to be way cool and um… its virtual so you can participate while the kids are at school, napping, playing Xbox whatever and you can even be in your PJs and no one will care cause they won’t see you. (I told you it was COOL!)

So the other day I got this email from Sabrina  Marasovich, the host of this free online event which is called: Practical Parenting Help: Discover Solutions and Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Behavior Today, telling me about this project and asking if I wanted to be a part of it. I admit it, at first I was like what is the catch, cause well isn’t there always some catch? But there is no catch. This is just a great way for parents like you and me to get to hear about different parenting techniques and strategies and then you can decide for yourself what might work and try it out. And then Sabrina told me that Danny and Hayden otherwise known as the Asperger Experts were going to be a part of it and I was like SIGN ME UP! Um you guys… you have to hear these dudes. They are awesome aspies who are in college and well share some incredible insight. I bet they mention there funnel analogy which is this concept about how if you want to get an aspie kid to learn and function better you have to deal with all the sensory stuff first and they use this funnel visual that just makes so much sense! You gotta see it!

There will be all sorts of other experts too including… YOURS TRULY! I know how cool? But you need to sign up for the event so that the video interviews which are all done by Skype (cool huh) are sent directly to your inbox. One interview a day starting April 26th (and by the way my amazing co-author Neil McNerney is the first interview you will get and he is AWESOME) and runs through May 15th. Not sure what day my interview will be yet… will get back to you on that one.

As special needs parents we can always use new tools as well as the reminder to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before placing it on our kiddos. This event will do just that…bring you practical parenting help, some much-needed oxygen and lots of encouragement. AND UM… it’s FREE!!!! So Click HERE and register so you don’t miss out because it starts next week!!!! Feel free to share the link with other parents too!

P.S. I am not getting paid anything to do this event or promote it. I am just doing so because I am a real believer in adding to my parenting tool box and to others and this event can do just that! So seriously folks sign up and listen to the experts you think might be interesting (like me.. ha ha) and the others well you know the routine. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am making it so easy for you by even putting the link HERE again. (Cause I know you won’t scroll back up! LOL)


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