The More I Learn the Less I Know; and that’s ok!

The older I get, the more experienced, learned, aged to perfection whatever you want to call it… the more aware I become of just how little I really know. It is humbling really. Seriously I write, I speak to folks all over the place, I think I have it all figured out and then wham, bam, slam…I realize I don’t know as much as I think I do. And you know what… that’s okay. It is more than okay because it keeps me moving forward, searching, asking my own questions whose answers once found I can come here and share with you. It is one of those answers I am excited to share with you today. And it came directly out of an experts mouth… my JAY!

Last week I had the great pleasure of doing a book signing and presentation in Florida. Since it was spring break my family came with me. It was great to have my biggest support group with me but at the same time a little strange as it was the first time I did a speaking engagement with them there. While I always get permission to share with you what I do, having my boy actually there as I spoke mostly about him and our journey was well, DIFFERENT. I was nervous, not really sure what to expect honestly. But once again my boy schooled me, heck he schooled us all.

At the end of the presentation I opened up the floor to questions, like I always do. An older gentleman raised his hand and asked a question about how he could connect with his grandson better. The actually question went something like this, “My grandson gets stuck. He has certain interest and that’s great, but I would love to expose him to other things, especially things I like and I love. But every time I suggest something he gets upset. How do I go about it.”

I was about to answer when I saw Jay raise his hand. I looked at him and it clicked. I’m not the expert. Sure I know a few things but guess what… I am merely an observer with a gift from God to be able to write what I see and what I am learning every day from the real expert… my son. So with that in mind I told this gentleman that I would turn over the floor to the real expert who I knew would enlighten us all… and he did.

Jay stood up, cleared his throat and then using the visual images that help him understand things better he said to this man, “You wouldn’t just take a goldfish out of one tank and just dump him into another would you? No, you have to scoop him up along with his old tank water and then gradually put that bag into the new tank and let him get used to the temperature there. Then after a while you can set him free.” Then he sat down and started reading his book again, leaving everyone in that room with their mouth wide open to just how profound his words were.

Once again my boy proved to me that the more I learn, the more I realize just how little I know. But that is okay, because I have a wonderful teacher more than willing to enlighten me and answer my questions. I just have to ask! I don’t have to have all the answers. That realization is a bit of a relief actually! Think about it.

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