A New Look For Mama

changesNo I did not get another new hair style. This was even bigger and even harder than that. What do you think of the blogs new look?

My publisher wanted me to grow up a bit and get a little more sophisticated. Not sure if pink polka dot is what he had in mind, but I thought it was fun and stylish! Anyway I will post my professional stuff here like where I will be speaking or any media coverage, new magazines my articles are appearing in… yadda yadd yadda. You will eventually find that stuff in the sidebar under mama’s gotta pay the bills.

But of course I will still blog about whatever pops into my head the way I always do. Some things don’t change after all! LOL

But never mind what I think… what do you think? Leave me a comment letting me know.

2 thoughts on “A New Look For Mama

  1. Hello!
    Couple of comments for you – The entry boxes and the labels on the Leave a Reply section don’t line up. It tabs correctly, but just visually is out of line. I like the overall layout and header font choice. IMO the pink polka dot is too subtle (ie I would have missed it if you hadn’t mentioned it. The header for the professional section feels like it is missing a word (but I couldn’t come up with something better than ‘stuff’).

    My two cents. <3

    1. Thanks Kim. Hmmmm… not sure why the leave a reply is not lining up as that is standard and I did not format it. On my end it lines up too! Thanks for letting me know though and I will look into it! I changed the header of the professional thing as well. i did not like it either. It did feel like it was missing something but at midnight last night that was all I had! LOL

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