Are you my “perfect” or “typical” Reader… did I nail this or what?

My book is written! Yes finally it is done and the editing process is almost finished. We are in the formatting stage and then it is off to the publisher where they will send us a galley copy for us to proof and approve and then, FINALLY, after approval it can be released to you all who will hopefully Buy,Buy, BUY it.

During all this process I have been constantly asked who is my perfect or typical reader. In other words who is this book intended for, who will buy it who will enjoy it. I found this question odd, especially since you all know how much I hate the words perfect and typical. That said I did have  a reader in mind when I wrote this.

Today I woke up and there was a marketing email in my inbox that once again talked about my typical perfect reader. This email said that in order for a book to be successful you should be able to:

Give a description of the person who is your most perfect reader. Give them a name, gender, age, job, hobby. Know them well enough that if I asked you what flavor ice cream they want, you’ll know.

Anyway I thought it would be fun to see if I Could in deed do this and if so how close I was to describing you all… my most definite perfect readers.

Your name is MOM, you are 35-45ish and although you could easily lead a fortune 500 company successfully you don’t because your attention to detail is needed to make sure that your child’s IEP is being followed, that insurance papers are being filed and that your kid keeps it together enough to finish his homework. There is nothing typical or perfect about you or your family and that is fine with you, because you know that being different is a gift. (You learned that lesson from your child!) Your favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip but you only buy VANILLA cause your kid can’t handle stuff being mixed together and would never eat your favorite type so well… you just don’t buy it.

How do I know this… because you are ME! Accept I finally have allowed myself tFreakOutAspergersCoverSpreadREVhe luxury of buying Mint Chocolate chip and hopefully one day soon you will too!

Okay so how well did I do? Let me know. Oh and also let me know what you think of this Draft copy of our book Cover…


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