Never Ever EVER Give Up!

Charlie BrownGrowing up I never could understand the whole premise behind the Peanuts Football gag. You remember what I am talking about. Lucy tells Charlie Brown that she will hold a football while he kicks it. Charlie Brown usually refuses to kick it at first, not trusting Lucy. Lucy then says something to persuade Charlie lucy2Brown to trust her. Charlie Brown runs up to kick the ball, but at the very last second before he can kick it, Lucy removes the ball and Charlie Brown flies into the air, then comes crashing back down to the ground. The gag usually ends with Lucy pointing out to Charlie Brown that he should not have trusted her.

Yet he always does.

While the gag above makes for some funny antics, it always bothered me. How could Charlie Brown continue to do this time after time after time? Why doesn’t he just give up? How many times does he have to fall flat on his face before he realizes that he just cannot trust Lucy? But no matter how many times he has fallen in the past, Good Ole Charles gets back up and tries kicking again. He never ever gives up.

We all could learn a few things from the Blockhead.

This summer I gave much thought to my beloved Peanuts characters. There were many times when I watched my loved ones and even myself get the football pulled out from underneath them. And some of the folks I am sad to say are learning not to trust and alas are no longer lining up to punt that ball. I can’t say I blame them either. There are only so many times you can fall on your face. Seeing someone whom you love give up though is well… devastating. To see the person whom you admire, who was your source of getting back up when your own ball was shifted away, well as I said it is devastating.

Its been a long time since I have written on this blog. I was determined this summer to finish my book and I am happy to report that against all odds, I  did it! It is now being edited and hopefully by the end of this month I will be able to come on here and post that it is being released. But it wasn’t easy getting to this point. Many a days I did not trust myself. Many a days I just wanted to walk away. But then I thought about Charlie Brown, about my father and of course about my Jay.

It would be easy for Jay to not trust. peanutsnever-1If someone has had the ball pulled away from him, it is he. Yet just like Charlie Brown, he continues to believe, he continues to trust and he never ever EVER gives up.

We could learn a lot from Charlie Brown and even more from my boy Jay.

And too my father, if you happen to be reading this…it is never to late to trust and never too late to try kicking that ball!

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