Thanks for the reminder…

reminderI could easily start off by giving excuses as to why I have not blogged in so long. They would all be valid reasons to: too busy, too tired, too everything. It is much easier to just add a little Facebook status or 145 character tweets. Short little updates that let you know I am alive but don’t give too much clue as to the real person behind the words.But this, this blog is personal… my online diary that allows access to anyone with a mouse and connection to turn the key and unlock my deepest fears, and hopes. Yet I do it because well… I am crazy?Yeah that too… but because if one person finds this, reads this and knows that they are not alone, that someone else out there gets them… a real person, well then its worth it.

For awhile there I blogged every day because of that. But honestly the lack of comments made it feel like no one was reading. Much easier to post a status and see lots of likes. My ego certainly felt better after that. But yesterday I got a simple comment from a perfect stranger. Someone went out of their way here to leave  a comment and to let me know that my words mattered. Suddenly the real reason of why I used to blog came back.

Yes we all are busy, yes I will still post more on Facebook and Twitter… it is easier. But the reality is that this blog and the hundreds of other autism parent blogs out there matter. We are offer a voice to many who feel the same way but do not have words to express it. We offer a hand when a fellow parent needs help up. We offer a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a friend to laugh with.

To the sweet mom who left me a comment yesterday… thank you for the reminder of why I started this blog. You my dear sweet woman are certainly not alone on this road less traveled. I will try to blog more so that in case someone else lands here as they travel along their path… they will know the someone else is along for the ride too. And I usually bring wine and sometimes even a lampshade… cause well you just never know. But since that thing called life seems to you know… keep happening… I hope my fellow travelers will hop over to my Facebook page cause I am certainly there a lot more. (But I still bring the wine so don’t worry!)


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