On World Autism Awareness Day I ask this of you…

April2nd_WAAD_AnimatedToday is April 2nd,World Autism Awareness Day. In an effort to create a more inclusive society that highlights the unique talents of autistic people and ensures opportunities for them to realize their full potential; many people will be wearing blue today. Although I believe autism is a rainbow of colors and not just blue, we too will be wearing blue today as it is one of my son’s favorite colors.  Our light bulbs have been changed to blue too. I did this in the hope that someone will ask why… and then I will tell them!

I invite you all to light it up blue,wear blue or any other color on the rainbow, but more importantly… to talk about autism today and every other day too. Help change the stigma and missed informed opinions out there. Tell them about my son and all the other autistic individuals out there and how they are much more than a statistic! They are people. People who can see you staring at them, shaking your head in disapproval or looking away. Men and woman who just want to be accepted, loved for who they are. A boy, like my Jay, who likes vanilla ice cream, cheese pizza, computer games and being included!

Today, throughout April and from there on, I encourage you to talk, and keep talking. Not because you speak for my son or any other autistic person, because you don’t. On the contrary I ask that you speak with them, no scratch that… TO THEM… BOTH!

Talking leads to Awareness. Awareness  leads to compassion, compassion leads to acceptance.

April 2nd, 2013… World Autism Awareness day…TALK about it.. Lets make Autism not so scary sounding because it isn’t! Let’s erase stereotypes and preconceived beliefs and replace them with names and faces of real people. Lets help create a society where diversity is not only tolerated… it is applauded! And all it takes to make that happen is one simple conversation.

Today, as you go throughout the day… try to work in the fact that it is World Autism Awareness day… TALK about it because Talking leads to Awareness. Awareness  leads to compassion, compassion leads to acceptance.

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