The Lean Mean Rice Eating Clean Machine or… How the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo saved my dog from having to join Weight Watchers

bissel sweeperEvery week I get at least one email asking if I would like to review a product or book. Most of the time I decline politely. My thinking is that if the product is not really something you all would or could perhaps benefit from learning about, why bother. I was about to do my standard “Thank You But No Thank You” reply to the request to try out BISSELL’s Perfect Sweep Turbo but then I saw how it is supposed to be good for picking up dog hair and that it is QUIET. QUIET… do you see why this caught my attention?

Let me explain. Grace has asthma and allergies. We just found out that one of the things she is allergic to is our DOG! Well I can tell you that Stanley is more like a little brother to the kids then their pet so he was not going anywhere. That just meant that I needed to be extra vigilant about making sure I swept up his hair every day. Now I hate cleaning. YUP I love having a clean house but the actual process … um yeah not so much fun. To make matters worse I cannot use the vacuum around Jay as the sound just kills him. Which means I have to give up perfectly good WRITING hours during the day when the kids are at school to cleaning. Once again not something I like doing. So I thought I would try out this sweeper. If it was quiet perhaps I could actually use it at night. So I said yes!

Before I tell you how this sweeper saved my dog from Weight Watchers (honest to God True story by the way) I want to say that although I did receive my Sweeper for free I was not given any compensation to write this review. In fact I was not even asked to write one. I was just asked to try the product and then contact the marketing person to tell her what I thought about it. But after trying it out I WANTED to write this and tell you all about it.

So what do I think about it… It is pretty friggin awesome that’s what. You see I had an accident. I opened the refrigerator and an entire container of yellow rice fell to the floor. My dog of course thought it was his lucky day. I had two choices. Let the dog think he was at a Chinese Buffet and eat to his heart content then have to drive him to Doggy Weight Watchers meetings not to mention after to suffer cleaning up what would I can guarantee you would have been a much bigger mess later on. OR I could call for the kids have them hold back our Homer Simpson in a donuts shop mouth-watering crazed dog while I grabbed the BISSELL. I choice option 2, although I have to admit I did consider the first one but was to afraid that my dog would label me an enabler when he spoke at his weekly meetings. I have enough guilt you know.

OMG this thing should be renamed and called, “The Lean Mean Rice Eating Clean Machine”. Seriously. (And um BISSELL if you happen to go with that later on I want you to know that I expect credit for that name and that my children and I … and the DOG, would be more than happy to play ourselves in the commercial!)

But wait it gets better… it really is QUIET. photo(121)It makes a very low hum sound that Jay actually found soothing. In fact so much so that he asked to use it. Let me repeat that… My boy, the same kid who would run to his room and bury his head under the pillow when I even just take out the vacuum cleaner asked to sweep. In fact both kids enjoy using it. They actually fight over who gets to sweep up after dinner! Hello SCORE ONE FOR MAMA!

So now you see why I had to tell you about this product. If you have a sensory vacuum sensitive kid like me… you might want to look into this sweeper! And BISSELL about the commercial I suggested… make sure to have your people call my people!

P.S. No dogs or humans were harmed during this incident. The rice well that is another story!

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