In Honor of me Reaching 2,000 likes on my FACEBOOK page a special Book #GIVEAWAY of “Homework- A Parent’s Guide to Helping Out without Freaking Out”

homework Cover-Large-Tom-3002I am so excited. I have been waiting for my LIKES to hit 2,000 to tell you about this book, about Neil McNerney and to GIVEAWAY not 1 but 2 copies! The day is finally here. Why am I so excited… because this book is going to change HOMEWORK time in your house. I am not kidding. I say this because it happened in our house!

Okay let’s get right to it. This book is different than any other book I have ever read. It is quick and easy to read, Neil’s sense of humor just pops out and every chapter ends with a summary and Don’t Freak Out exercises to try. It got me rethinking the way I parent, not just at homework time. Neil’s CALM method makes so much sense in any situation. In fact it makes so much sense that it will be adapted and worked into the book we are writing together on Parenting children with Aspergers. (But that is another post. Literally it is one check out the Next Big Thing post that tells about our project we are working on.)

But today I am going to give you a sneak peek into the thing that really made it all make sense to me. There is a chapter in the book called Decoding Our Kids and it tells about how our children take on certain roles as students. Once we identify those roles, it becomes much easier to decide how to help them and LEAD them. I am going to give you a sneak peek at the different roles. Neil stresses that as you read through them, you need to keep in mind that one child can have many different styles (or roles) depending on the year, the day or even the subject. For example a child might be a Responsible Student at math, but an Unmotivated Student for science.  Neil gets much more in-depth in the book about each type of student, the pros and cons of each style and then offers parenting advice for each type. (But you will need to buy the book or win one of the free copies to get that info! 🙂 ) Okay here we go…

The Responsible Student
Neil says that we usually refer to the responsible student as “self motivated”. She is interested in doing the work  and knows how it feels to do a good job. In fact her main motivation is doing well. Most kids have at least one or two subjects in which you could say they are “responsible” in.

The Anxious Student  I think a lot of you will recognize your Aspie in this one! This student looks a lot like the responsible student as they get good grades, work well, completes homework every day… BUT he also sets very high standards and beats himself up if he doesn’t meet them. He worries about his future and does not listen to facts that might calm him down. My Jay is definitely the Anxious Student!!!

The Disorganized Student      This is the student who can never seem to find what they need. You set up an organization system for them and within a week things are all over the place again. You usually can tell this student is home because he leaves a trail of shoes, backpack, papers  etc.  My Jay falls under this category too… well for most things!

The Unmotivated Student  Teachers might refer to this student as “under-performing”. She could do so much better, she has such potential… are phrases often linked to this student.

The I Don’t Care Student  When asked if he wants to do well this type of student’s answer would be, “I don’t care.” When asked what he wants to do when he grows up answer would be, “I don’t care.”  This  is the unmotivated student on steroids!

The Defiant/Argumentative Student  There are actually two types of defiant students according to Neil: Sneaky and IN YOUR FACE. The Sneaky Defiant “loses” things easily. (Oh I think I lost the note from the teacher. Let me look again.) He “forgets” things. He “misunderstands” things. This child is usually not the first-born; he has watched his older sibling being openly defiant ad seen how bad that has gone so has learned to be sneaky about it. The IN YOUR FACE defiant student is just what the name refers to… defiance right to your face.

The Blaming Student “It’s not my fault!”, is the mantra for this student. When asked about a poor grade the response could be, “The teacher did not go over it”, “The teacher hates me!”, “I was sick that day!” Or she will turn the blame on to you the parent. ” You expect too much!”, “You never believe me!”; “If you would back off I would do better!”. It is always someone else’s fault. Gracie is a bit of a blamer especially when it comes to MATH!

There you have it. Can you recognize which one your child tends to be? Now that you know, wouldn’t you LOVE to hear the best way to parent that child? Well you can buy Neil’s book NOW by clicking the book icon which will take you Amazon page, or you can purchase it at most Barnes and Noble stores or their online site OR… you can enter to win not one but 2 of the books I am going to give away! And it is easy to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment here saying which one of the styles you think your child(ren) might be.  Want more chances to win? Like my Mama’s Turn Now Facebook page (if you already have then just leave a separate comment saying you have already) and Like Neil’s Facebook page for yet another chance to win and then come back and leave a separate comment saying you did. That makes 3 easy ways you can enter to win. But wait there is more… Share this post and contest on your Facebook Page or Blog and then come back and leave a separate comment saying you did and Twitter the following message (then come back and leave a comment saying you did) for yet another chance to win:

Enter to win Homework Helping Out Without Freaking Out Free Book #Giveaway @MamasTurnNow @neilmcnerney

That is 5 chances you can have to win this great book. I am so thankful to Neil for allowing me to celebrate my 2,000 wonderful fans by offering me 2 copies of his book (Which I will even make sure he SIGNS for you!!!) to 2 lucky readers. The contest ends Midnight EST January 31st, 2013. On February 1st, 2013 Neil and I will pick 2 lucky winners from the comments left on this blog by using Winners will be notified by email and will be posted on my Facebook page.

GOOD LUCK… and thank you all for joining me on this incredible journey. I always say it takes a village and I am proud to have each and every one of you as my village members! HUGS TO YOU ALL!



21 thoughts on “In Honor of me Reaching 2,000 likes on my FACEBOOK page a special Book #GIVEAWAY of “Homework- A Parent’s Guide to Helping Out without Freaking Out”

  1. My 14year old daughter with Asperger’s and a myriad of other diagnosis is typically the anxious AND the disorganized student

  2. My son is considered an unmotivated student. He has autism, so he I more motivated by some things more than others. Thanks for offering a chance to win your book

  3. Oh, I need this book so much. My son is pretty much all of those! I was just talking to him five minutes ago about how not turning in his work is ruining his otherwise excellent grades. I don’t know if he needs an aide again to help him get more organized, or if he needs accommodations, or if he just needs to learn cause and effect…

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  4. I have 2 boys, ages 9 & 6. My oldest is autistic, more toward Aspergers & my youngest has a LD. This book would come in handy BIG TIME in this house!!

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