“ELF You” Neighbors!!!

My kids and I had an adventure last night. It all started when Grace noticed that there seems to be a lack of Holiday Spirit in our area this year. We thought ELFing them might help.

Many of you might have been BOO’d during Halloween… Elfing is the same thing. Some folks call it being Jingled but we decided being an ELF would be more fun. Besides it was an excuse for Jay to run around saying “ELF YOU” and then crack up hysterically!(Okay I admit I laughed too! Especially when the one time he asked if he could as a joke do the middle finger and in shock over the idea that he actually knew what the middle finger was and that it actually would go along with a saying like ELF YOU… I let him! I know wonderful parenting but us Autism moms do things differently. Don’t worry I made sure he knew not to do it again and that it was not nice and NO ONE SAW US!)

So after celebrating Hanukkah (yes I do see the irony in that statement) we put together some bags and headed out to be sneaky Elfs. And all was going well too until the last house when Grace rushed to the door, put the bag down, rang the doorbell and bolted out of sight. But remember it was cold and Grace has asthma so she started coughing. Jay tried to hush her up by screaming at her, “Be quiet we are going to get caught. But if they do catch us just pretend you don’t speak ENGLISH!” Well that comment just made me snort out loud. I was laughing so hard my stomach started hurting.  Then my phone rang and the dog saw a cat and started going crazy. It was quiet a sight; the three of us all dressed in black (Because Grace being the fashion DIVA she is said we had to dress the part) trying to be sneaky and quiet and being anything but!

I honestly don’t know how we made it home because we were all laughing so hard our eyes were tearing and we could not see straight. We finally calmed down and were starting to warm up inside when Jay said, ” ELF YOU NEIGHBORS… WE GOTCHA!!!” And then yup… he shot that middle finger! Yeah… thinking we might be getting coal in our stockings this year!

2 thoughts on ““ELF You” Neighbors!!!

  1. I loved this post! I’m so glad you had so much fun with your children! Doing that kind of service to others is such a good and fun thing. My daughter and I went caroling and delivering cookies with another family this past Monday night. One house we went to belong to this older lady who is recovering from heart surgery. I’ve never seen her smile so much!

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