Jay comes home from school distraught!He needs help. He has to write a story and has all these ideas but just cannot type or write them fast enough. Will I help. Of course I say yes. After a quick snack followed by a pep talk to calm him down, I sit down at the keyboard ready to write what he dictates me to write. He paces back and forth. The assignment is to write a story using a word he has been given. His word is EXONERATE! The story has to be about the word, include at least two characters, have a definite problem and of course a conclusion. Finally after an hour we have something to turn in. He reads the story to his sister and father and they agree how great it is. “You will get an A for sure!” Grace says to him. To which my boy replies, “Oh this isn’t for a grade! It was for fun!” I wanted to kill him, but I was afraid I would not be EXONERATED if I did! LOL

On the other hand here is the story which really is quite clever! Enjoy!

The People vs. X

All rise for the honorable Judge Ram. The People Vs. X trial is now underway. X you are being charged by the state for impersonating the letter “Z” in the word “xylophone”. How do you plea?


The state presents its case first. We have evidence that little Johnny Roberts in Long Island got an F on his spelling test when he spelled xylophone with a Z. “It’s not my fault!” X interrupted. Suddenly chaos broke out in the courtroom as everyone discussed the true spelling of the word. Some said that it should be a Z as that is what it sounds like. Others said that was just madness. One person even suggested spelling it with a Y, you know so there would be no confusion.

The Honorable Judge Ram banged his horns on the podium and shouted, “Order in the court, ORDER!” The courtroom grew quiet. The judge addressed the jury on how they should decide the fate of X. “You shall use the rating scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being he is free and clear of all charges and 1 being throw him in jail. You may begin your rating.”

After 10 minutes the jury reached a verdict. A spoke up and said, “Your honor we have decided that the defendant gets a 10.” The judge the said, “X you are exonerated! You are free to go!”

Exonerated- clear of all charges of wrong doing. To remember the word exonerated think of X being rated!


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