Boxers vs Briefs


I happened to pass by my boy’s room while he was getting dressed this morning and noticed that he was wearing boxer briefs instead of his usual tighty whities. So of course I asked him about it. His response was, “MOM… for now on I will wear boxer briefs on A days (which is the day he has PE) and my regular comfy tighty whities on B days.” He must have noticed my puzzled look because he sighed and continued on saying, “Mom I happened to notice that the other boys were wearing boxers and well… you know!”

Okay folks there are just too many things about this that are awesome but I cannot go into them right now because I need to run to Target to buy my boy some more big kid boxer briefs! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boxers vs Briefs

  1. Oh crap, I wonder if that’s the trend at our school too… his OT gave us tips about clothes but didn’t delve into underwear. Gym hasn’t started yet.

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