So by the title of this post you are probably making guesses as to who is shedding the tears and who is screaming the cheers. Well believe it or not they are both ME!!! Yup folks, the same woman who put a countdown clock on her page (Just look over to the top right and you will see it there) to remind her of the beloved day that school starts back… yup the same woman who is longing for the quiet, for the structure and time to actually get her writing and work done. Yes folks now that the time is quickly approaching I am sad! I am also scared out of mind. I am more nervous for Jay to start middle school then he is!

And I am exhausted to cause this trying to be all rose-colored classes and positive so he doesn’t  get more freaked out is well… TIRING! I am not ready for the homework battles and stress that every time the phone rings it is the school calling me. I am not ready for the morning chaos and rush. I don’t want to fight with bed times and schedules. SIGH…

Yet at the same time I am sooooo ready for them to go. I want to start back to my routines of walking in the morning and having a house that stays clean for more than 5 minutes. I want to MISS the kids. (It is hard to miss them when they are constantly here in my face asking for yet another snack or to do this or that.)

Many of your kids have already started back. For you folks I ask that you leave me a comment of reassurance (Lie if you have to.) For those of you who have kids who are not starting yet, you too leave a comment saying whether or not you feel the same. Lets let each other know we are not alone.

In the meantime, I got creative and took the poem I wrote last year this time (See the original post here) and turned it into a cartoon. And yes… it is my actual voice in the movie. Hope this brings a smile to your face! Check it out here:

Mama’s Turn Now’s “Twas the Night Before School Started”
by: MamasTurnNow

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One thought on “Back to School CHEERS AND TEARS

  1. ” stress that every time the phone rings it is the school calling me. ”

    Oh, I so hear that. 🙁

    My son is also starting middle school this year, and I’m very tense about it. He firmly believes that all his problems last year were because of those specific kids and that a new school will be just fine. :-\ Considering how much he loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I’m amazed at his optimism.

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