The Latest Project from a Hairy Leg Autism Mama…

I just sent an email to the publisher of my local community paper that started like this,” I don’t have time to shave my legs let alone write a weekly column”. Honest to God that is what I wrote and continued on the email all about how they should hire me to do a weekly Parenting humor column. Not sure what will come out of it but for some reason I felt compelled to send that email… TODAY! Weird huh?

And the thing is… that line is true. I am so busy and every day I get even more stuff added to my to do list. That is fine because you see I am one of those crazy type A people who totally works better with tons of projects on my plate. It is stressful and chaotic and I love it! Perhaps that explains why I agreed to do the new project that I am doing with my Gracie girl.

For those of you who don’t follow Mama’s Turn Now on Facebook (And why don’t you?) Grace came up with the wonderful idea of starting an online magazine for siblings of kids with autism. SHOUT OUT ONLINE MAGAZINE She actually approached me with the idea a few months back but I sort of pushed it aside. Throughout the summer I have noticed even more jealousy and tension between Grace and Jay, so when she brought up the topic again, well I jumped on it. She was so excited and it really has given her such focus and drive. It is allowing me  to acknowledge the feelings she has but then gives her a constructive outlet for them. Here is what she wrote which in a way is the magazine’s mission statement I guess:

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have wanted to SHOUT OUT LOUD, ” What about me mom and dad?” To others who don’t get it, I probably just sound like I am being really spoiled. I mean I know my parents have their hands full dealing with my older brother who has autism, but I EXIST TOO! That is what my new online magazine and community Facebook page is all about. A place where we can all Shout Out and be heard. A place for kids like us to come together and just be ourselves. Together we can raise our voices in a good way and Shout Out Autism Awareness to the world. Because after all, the more people who understand, the more people who will see our brothers and sisters for the incredible people they are.

YUP I am one proud mama! So we started an online Facebook page which is here… please go over and like it! We are also working hard to get the first issue up. We are shooting for an August 20th release date.

But here is the shocker… this little project seems to be taking on a new life of itself. Folks are really getting on board. We have a mental Health Professional who has agreed to do the Ask Dr. T section and answer questions or offer advice, we are working on a special guest , a celebrity really, to be the first Sibling of the Month we feature, we have a another celebrity who has granted Grace an interview and offered to do a feature story for us. Other folks have contacted us offering their talents. I am just floored and thrilled and honored. I really think we might be on to something here.

But to make this project work I need your help. I need you to talk to your kids to get them excited about this to encourage them to submit their artwork, their poems and short essays. We really want this magazine to be a showplace for the siblings. A place where they come first. Where they can gather with other sibs who understand what it is like.  SO please go to the Facebook page with your kids and talk about this project. Help them submit their original work to shoutoutonlinemagazine@yahoo.com. Share this blog post and the Shout Out Online Facebook page on your own Facebook site or blog. Lets work together to make this project work. I think we owe it to our kids. They need this just as much as our children with autism need their therapy, and social stories and IEPs.

If you would like to be apart of this project, please contact me! We would love to her your ideas and suggestions. Besides if I get more people to help out, then I can actually have 5 minutes to shave my legs! LOL

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