Mama and No Guile Go to the FARM- Mama’s TURN…

Literally it is My Turn to tell you about the fabulous day we all had on the Farm today. You see No Guile : Life and Other Stories from Autism beat me to the punch and already did this POST. Check it and while you there check out her other blog posts and then go HERE and like her Facebook page because she is GREAT! And I can say that now because she is not just some random person I only know from the internet… she is now an official stalker whom I met in person! Just kidding… I stalked her and invited her to go with us!  Oh and for the record if you clicked and read HER blog post you will recognize the same picture of us EXCEPT I am a true friend and I cropped mine! LOL

Okay so we went to a Farm… yes a real farm with stinky animals and crops. Except this farm also has giant slides and cool Bamboo Mazes and a really expensive concession stand. A designer Farm I guess you can call it? Anyway I arranged to have our local Autism Support group get together there. Talk about a great idea. First off any time I can get together with a bunch of other folks who GET IT… HUGE DEAL. But not only are the folks from my group great, the kids are just the most incredible bunch of human beings that ever existed.. (just look at this group shot of us on the hayride.) Putting together this event afforded me the opportunity to invite No Guile and her crew to make the 1 and half hour trek down to play with us. We have been talking for months about how we had to get together and well… FINALLY WE DID IT!

Here is the thing about the internet… you never really know what you are going to get when you really meet the person in REAL LIFE. Thus the reason why I never ever did online dating when I was single oh so many moons ago. I just knew that I would fall in love with someone’s words and the real deal would not live up to it. I have to admit I was a bit nervous of that happening too with my fellow Autism Mommy Blogger friend. I LOVE HER POSTS. But you see I failed to remember one thing… Autism folks who choose to blog about their lives…. well we put it all out there… EVERYTHING! So what you read my friends… is what you will truly get! And that is exactly what No Guile and I both got… the real deal and I LOVED IT!

Our boys seemed to love it to! My Jay and her Roger hit it off. Just look at this picture of the two of them deep into conversation of who knows what. (I could not keep up with them even if I tried!) Although it looks like Jay was doing most of the talking in this picture. Surprise surprise!

So besides meeting wonderful blogger friends, you know what the best thing is about getting together with other Autism families? Well when my boy started screaming at the chickens to “SHUT UP” No one said anything. In fact two minutes later someone else’ kid did the same thing! LOL There were no eyes rolling, no judgments being made, no need to apologize if a kid did not say hello or had a little fit because he did not want to get off the hayride. WE ALL UNDERSTOOD! This hot stinky sweaty 3 hours was probably the most enjoyable and relaxing day I have had all summer!

Okay before I end this post I have to leave you with one more photo. With all there was to do at this place, and there was a lot…this is what my son’s favorite part was… THE STUPID COKE MACHINE! Ahhh… you gotta love our kids!

If you do not already belong to a local autism support group… PLEASE PLEASE  PLEASE do yourself a favor and find one. Do a Google search, ask your school resource teacher,heck do what i did and start a group if you have to… but do it! I love our online community, you all mean the world to me, but to physically get together and have your children play and call another child their friend because this kid gets them like no one else… that my friends is PRICELESS! Old McDonald might have had a farm… but I have a village!!!


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  1. I’m reminded of the time some kids told my Aspie son he has a cool bike and he said, “Yes, it has a kickstand!”

    And he was getting bored at Disneyland til we started looking for hidden Mickeys.

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