NORMAL in our home is just a setting on a dryer!

It’s 7am and hubby has just left for a work trip after being off for a little over a week to help us move out of our old house and into this new one. The kids are both still sleeping in their new rooms, the dog has been fed and even walked in the rain no less. And I finally am sitting here in front of my old computer in what will eventually be my new office. HOT CUP OF COFFEE IN MY HAND!  I desperately needed to get on here and post something today. I need to feel … well for lack of a better word … NORMAL!

This past week has been filled with boxes and scorching heat as well as tempers. Frustration ran high while patience wore thin. Not a great combination when dealing with kids, especially an Aspie. And yet of the four of us, it is the Aspie that has dealt with this change the best. Ironic? Maybe not so much when you really think about it.

For two week make that two months I have done everything to prepare him. He was ready… the rest of us… not so much. We moved down the street… literally a block away, it should have been simple. And yet it is not. You see what I have learned is that CHANGE, no matter how simple it may seem is still change. It is still a new environment filled with new smells and sounds. And temperatures… GOD why can’t get I get this house the right temperature? Throw in their learning to cook on a gas range/oven instead of electric, more stairs to climb, my bed facing a different direction even the toilet paper roll being on the other side in my bathroom . See where I am going here? And I don’t have Aspergers!

I guess what I am trying to say is, this past week has given me a much better idea as to what it is like to be my boy, and for that I am so grateful. Maybe that is why he is doing so well. For the first time he does not feel so different. He sees us dealing with the same issues he faces every day and well, that has to be comforting in a way I would think.

It’s 7am and even though I am trying to do what used to be my normal routine… I am slowly realizing that normal around here, well it is really only a dryer setting. And like one of my Facebook community members commented… most of us don’t even have a normal setting on our dryer any more either! LOL

So to sum it all up, here are the two very important lessons I have learned through this whole moving process:

1.) Change no matter how simple is still change                                                                  2.) Normal is highly overrated                                                                                                and   a bonus one… if your front bedrooms on the top floor face the west, no matter how low you turn the thermostat down it will still be hot in there until the sun goes down!


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