My Mother’s Day Message to you all…

I had promised my family that I would not go on the computer today and spend the whole day with them… but it is Mother’s Day and well I have to come here and tell you all this…
I am blessed to have many great women in my REAL life. I love these beautiful people and truly do not know what I would do without them. And yet…

when my son came into my bedroom this morning, unprompted, and crawled up into my lap and wished me a happy Mother’s day and started telling me WHY he thought I was a great mother… well the first thing I wanted to do was to come here and share it with you, MY VILLAGE!

You see I share something with you that is special. I may not know you, and your story is different than mine, but yet we are the same. Without me having to tell you how HUGE that moment in my bed with my boy was… you get it. And even if you are not there yet with your own child, you are able to celebrate with me. You will see this as a sign of HOPE that one day you too will get that, because people you will. Two years ago that would not have happened, and yet it did.

So although I appreciate every special person in my REAL life, I appreciate EVERYONE of you just as much! Thank you for not judging me, for cheering me on, for your words of wisdom and reminding me that I AM NOT ALONE ON THIS JOURNEY and that I AM A GOOD MOM!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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