What Goes on Must Come OFF- Jay’s cast removal

Well today was the day that we all were waiting for and dreading… the cast came off. Jay was over it!  Talk about sensory overload. The itchiness, the idea of all that dirt in there, the weight of it… too much. And yet he was so anxious about what he would find underneath. My boy, the same kid who has to know in detail about everything else, did not want to know or SEE how they removed the bone. We took Grace out of school too so we could make it a special occasion. We told him how afterwards we would go out to eat a late lunch, that kind of thing. Gracie I am happy to report was a superstar and even held her brother’s hand as you will see in the pictures. Very sweet.

On to some pictures…


The masterpiece before being cut off. Can you see the Dalek (Doctor Who) hubby drew on their for him. Super sweet!



Here is one of Grace holding her brother’s hand. Notice also that they gave Jay the headphones again for the noise. This time though he opted to just shut his eyes and did not need the blind fold.



Did I mention how heavy this thing had to be? look at all the gauze that was in there.


OKAY WARNING… for those with a weak tummy stop here because the next shot is a picture of the actual incision. It isn’t that bad… so just look. You know you want to. They cut into one side of the foot and literally went through to the other side. What you cannot see is that there is a hole (small like the size of a push-pin) on the other side. I know both creepy yet fascinating at the same time. One of those you can’t help but look even if you don’t want to. To think they actually removed a portion of bone through this. WOW modern medicine.

So there you have it. The only stitches that were taken out were the ones from the hole and Jay did not even feel it. The incision stitches were the dissolved kind. They put him in a boot and sent us off with a prescription for PT. Jay is all wobbly and stiff but trying hard to actually walk on it. We have our first PT session on Tuesday… Wish us luck.

One thought on “What Goes on Must Come OFF- Jay’s cast removal

  1. His foot did not look as bad as I expected from your description. Happy cast freedom day! My boys are ready for a race whenever he is!

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