Hey there folks… I know I have been MIA lately and I apologize for that. That silly thing called LIFE just keeps on happening, which I guess is a rather good thing because the alternative is not very nice. 🙂

So much has been going on that I honestly do not even know where to begin. Do I tell you how we finally found a HOUSE and will no longer be homeless come this summer when we get kicked out of this one because the wonderful military family we have been renting from is coming home. (GREAT FOR THEM… not so great for us.) Not only did we find a house, we found one that is practically across the street from where we are now so kids can stay at the schools they are at and keep all their same friends and routines. YEAH MAJOR SCORE there! And it is bigger too and comes with a hot tub… hubba hubba! We move in July! I am sure there will be many of posts about that in the near future.

I also could tell you about how great my kids did transitioning back after Spring Break. Especially on the first day when my alarm never went off. It could have been a disaster but my kids were so good and we actually got them to school earlier then usual! Yeah I know!

But what I really want to tell you is about what happened yesterday. If you follow me on Facebook you already saw this video but just in case you have not look. Go ahead and click the link below and watch. It it is only 12 seconds long. I’ll wait.

Jay on Zip LINE

Did you happen to see who that boy flying through the air was? YUP it was my boy, Jay. And to get to that point he had to walk on a wire. A wire folks in mid-air. Besides these great acts of fearlessness he also participated (READ that PARTICIPATED) in group team building exercises where they had to WORK TOGETHER to come up with answers to problems. TOGETHER! I really do not have the words and certainly even capitalizing and underlining the words I did use just doesn’t explain how huge this is. All I know is if you would have asked me a year ago if Jay would have done all this, I would have laughed in your face. Not that I was selling my boy short… he just wasn’t there yet. We had hope that he would some day, but deep down we had doubts too.

Sometimes I think our doubts or fears might keep us from letting our kids try something. It is easy to fall into a routine of just avoiding things. I mean none of us want our kids to feel pain, frustration, anger. If going to the mall always triggers a meltdown well then why take him there, why put him through it. I get it really I do. But guess what folks, maybe , just maybe it won’t any more.

Go back and look at that video again. Just 12 seconds long, no words are spoken by him and yet… boy does it say it all. That video is proof my friends that Anything, ANYTHING is possible!



  1. YEARS AGO…. I was working for a small group that worked on team building for organizations.
    I was NEW… I was YOUNG and well I didn’t really have much of the experience the others did in this Corporate world of Big Wigs feeling they need to bond with people they will never speak to…
    I was given my chance to run my own group through the gauntlet of exercises, when we had a group of people from an adult centre that had work placement for special needs adults I got all the special needs ….I did my job.. gave them all funny nicknames because I claimed, I couldn’t remember real names we did trust activities and I gave them an egg to keep safe and we had a BALL… but the TRUE experience of that weekend was turnip..
    At the end of the weekend we were gathered in a huge circle with all of the clients and us in the middle.. My Uber Boss Todd asked “What kinds of words did you hear a lot about this weekend….” Prompting.. Team Work, .. Reliability and Cooperation.. and My Group yelled TURNIP louder then EVERYONE…

    He, of course asked “Why on earth would you say turnip?”

    My WONDERFUL group shared that I didn’t want foul language so they needed to come up with a vegetable they did not like and they said that turnip was the said the most… and all the “vegetabling” occurred during group trust activities..

    I started Teacher’s College in the fall of that year and 22 years later I STILL work with Children, Turnip is my Favourite Vegetable!

    Your sons 12 seconds… are amazing… the fact that he did it was grand, but the fact he needed to “hate turnips” to get there is INCREDIBLE .. “I get it”

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