How we spent World Autism Awareness Day

I know there is much debate in the Autism community about whether or not one should support Autism speaks or not. I posted about this awhile back after we did the walk. And I wrote this status on my Facebook page the other day:

I have to tell you although I have all colors on my door (Gracie made the signs you will see) and everything else around my house… we too have blue light bulbs, and planted blue flowers and made a Light it Up blue sign. We also did the Autism Speaks walk and while we did the last one my son walked right over to the protesters, and talked to them. It was rather interesting. They told him how they had Autism and how they did not need anyone speaking for them. Jay listened and then looked around at all the other kids and people who were walking by. Then he handed them back the flyer and said, “I don’t need anyone else to speak for me either, but people know about Autism Speaks and well… that means they may know about me and hopefully understand me better so I am okay with it.” Then he grabbed my hand and we walked on! So yes that is why on Monday April 2nd we will be attending a special Sensory Bowling event and the money raised will go to Autism Speaks… because that is what Jay wants to do and it is his day after all!

So  I came up with the idea a few weeks back that not only did I want to spread awareness… I wanted to do something for my boy, something that would give him that feeling of belonging the way he did at the autism walk. That is where the idea of putting together the Bowling event came from. And I found an Angel of a man who not only was the regional Manager for Bowl America… he has a nephew who had Autism. He was on board.

I have never heard a bowling alley so quiet. It was great. No music and basically the only ones there were the folks in our group. We had a quiet room available and I do not think anyone had to use it. It was so nice and relaxed. And the smiles on the kids faces were priceless. I got to meet some really nice new people too. I loved it! All the folks there said I could post their pictures so here you go… just 1 in 88… PEOPLE… people who happen to have Autism and the folks who love them just for being who they are!

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