Things To Do When You Are Home Sick- by my 8 year old daughter Gracie

Mama’s Editor’s Note: Okay folks my daughter wrote this and asked that I share it with you all. It is so cute I had too! Feel free to leave Gracie a comment and make sure to check out the story we wrote together (mostly her I just typed) while she was home. It is found under Gracie’s Turn Now Tab above. Okay without further ado… Gracie’s post!

Hey folks, it’s Gracie here. First, I’d like to apologize. I know I haven’t written a post in a while. HEY, girls are busy. O.K. the last couple of days I’ve been sick. YUCK. At first I was a bit bored. But then I decided to make a list of things to do while you are home from school sick.


1) Watch T.V.

2) Catch up on some Z’s

3) Draw pictures (that always makes me feel better. Probably because I’m an awesome artist! Judge for yourself.)

4) Watch more T.V.

5) Make sure to take your medicine after lunch, or else your mac & cheese will taste like bubble gum

6) Play with Stanley (a.k.a. my dog!!!)

7) Even MORE T.V.

8) Read a book when you are supposed to be napping

9) Cuddle with mom

10) Do all the makeup work that your teacher sends home with your big brother

Although it sounds like a lot of fun (except the medicine… and the homework packet) I was really excited to go back to school today and see my friends. Gotta go… mom just walked in and she saw number 8! But now she saw number 9 so I am off the hook!

Love, Gracie

P.S. Another thing I did while home sick was write a story with my mom. It is really good too. Check out One Talented Mutt in my Gracie’s Turn section. (It’s all about my dog Stanley and a royal sandwich… oh and by the way, The Evil Wizard was based on my brother Jay! HA HA )


12 thoughts on “Things To Do When You Are Home Sick- by my 8 year old daughter Gracie

  1. great list but what about cleaning room,
    helping mon do wash,
    helping mom dust
    hmmm maybe school will sound
    even better. love ya anyway

  2. Maybe next time you can build a tent out of blankets and fill it with pillows and snacks and OJ and hide in there with Mom to read your book together 😉 I think she might like that too (big secret- Moms like to act like kids sometimes too)

  3. Wonderful list, Gracie! I’m trying to find things for my 19 year old daughter to do since she will be home sick ALL SUMMER! One idea I had that you might like next time you are sick is to create a time capsule. I’m sure your mom would have fun with that one too!

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