You got to think of a better word than “WEIRD” to describe our family, that’s for sure!

If you are an active reader in the Autism bloggy world, you may have noticed a lot of post where the bloggers are talking about how WEIRD they are and how weird is the New Norm. For those of you have some how been hiding under a rock somewhere and don’t know what I am talking about, feel free to read HereHere or even Here. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

WHISTLE WHISTLE WHISTLE, tap foot tap foot tap foot, Look at watch …

AHHHH… now you get it! All for a great cause. Well even though I have left several messages on several different blogs declaring my own weirdness… I feel compelled, for the sake of that 11 year old, my OWN 11 year old and all the other kids out there to do this post.

The whole term WEIRD got me thinking. What does weird REALLY mean? No one can really say something is weird because one’s own personal definition of weird could be totally different from someone else. Someone who is called “weird” by their peers in one place might be called a conformist somewhere else so really the terms “weird” and “normal” are nothing more than words to describe someone or something different from themselves.

Even the dictionary is confused about the word. Go ahead look it up. You’ll get strange, different, lame followed by amazing, awesome, cool and funny! See what I mean? One person’s strange is another person’s awesome! That is pretty awesome to me!

I guess I have never considered our family weird, just FUN, different, definitely not normal. And that was fine, to all of us because well… we know no other way of being. We embrace our uniqueness with a huge sense of humor. Heck I would have nothing to write about if we were normal. In fact we joke all the time that our lives should be a reality TV show, a modern day I LOVE LUCY! (I have red hair and my hubby is of Cuban decent. Just a matter of time before the words, “Sharon you got some splaining to do” come out of his mouth)

I write this because All the things that make us special, the things about us that I love like how my hubby will stop me in the middle of the grocery store and just start dancing with me, or how I can walk out of the house and not remember that I am still wearing my cow slippers on my feet until I am half way walking the kids to school… well this is not weird to us… it is just US! Jay may flap or woooooo like Casper the Ghost when he is excited, I snort when I laugh, Grace sleepwalks sometimes and hubby still laughs hysterical when anyone even mentions the word POOP… this is just us! I would much rather be extraordinary than ordinary!

So to those boring fussy folks who may think the Fuentes Family is Foolish, Freaky, Frantic and Fowl … we think we are Fantastic, Funny, Fabulous and Fortunate! And if that makes us WEIRD so be it. But in our minds you just called us amazing, awesome, cool and funny! Thanks for the compliment!

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