Birthdays and ASD kids… NOT AN EASY MIX!

The party has come and gone and well… we made it! Not only did we make it… we did great! Although it was touch and go there for a bit. Look at this. My Facebook status on Saturday at 8:30am:

Oh lord please grant me the serenity to get through today because my voice has already raised many times and they have only been up for 30 minutes. The boy is soooooo over excited that when I asked him to please stop playing with the balloon and to go up and put a long sleeve shirt on under his Laser Tag short sleeve shirt he lost it! Screaming, red face, tears! Oh it is going to be an interesting day! Birthday parties and ASD kids… not an easy mix.

We also had a another episode after he found out that his neighbor friend was not coming and then another on the way over when his sister looked at him wrong! Yes I was scared.

When we got to the Laser Tag place I got even more scared because it was obvious that he was a bit over whelmed. Even though we had been there, showed him the party room even, it was different. As guest arrived Jay retreated to a corner of the room where he just stood back and took it all in. I let him, hoping he just needed to warm up. The kids were a bit taken back by this, I mean they came to celebrate with him and well, he was pulling away. To keep things going and the mood up I passed out face make up and had the kids go to town painting their faces that would glow in the dark when they went in. They were having fun. Jay did not want any part of that at first… then he walked over to his dad and asked him to paint something on his head! I was so thrilled by this. HUGE PEOPLE… HUGE!

Then it was time to go in and play the first round. By the time they came out it was a different party. Everyone was carrying on and laughing and talking about who zapped who and well… my boy was one of them, right there with them. I was on cloud nine! I think this is what we all want… for our kids to be a part of it, to be engaged, to happy, to be enjoying his birthday.

They played another round after that and then we ate pizza, had cake and passed out tokens to play video games. No meltdowns, no tears, no sitting in the corner! My boy had a blast and I was able to sit there and take pictures and enjoy every minute of it! Now that is a successful party!

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