An Example of a School to Home Communications Daily Log for you to use and Rules for working in a group

Let’s face it, if your child is like mine, getting any information out of them about how their day went is near impossible. Sometimes getting any information out of the teachers is near impossible too.

If you follow me on Facebook then you probably saw my post yesterday about what happened when I volunteered in Jay’s class. (You can click the blue Facebook and it will take you to my page and you can read down and see the whole ugly story and what all the wonderful folks in my village community had to say! Make sure to LIKE the page while you are there so you can be a part of the community too.) Anyway one of the things that came out of it all was my need to have some kind of communications log that the teachers would fill out and send home everyday so that I am up to date on what is going on. My dear friend and Special Education GURU,  sent me a copy of her communications log which I adapted to work for Jay. I wanted to post it here so that you all would be able to see it and use it as a reference should you want to do something like this.

I absolutely love this because it doesn’t just concentrate on the bad, it shows the good too. Jay will obviously see this so I wanted to make sure of that. I like that it will bring things to his attention. For example: Many times Jay is not even aware he is blurting out answers, he thinks he is answering it in his head. Seeing that box not checked off would make him go back and review what happened.

I talked to him about this log before I sent it to his teachers. I told him we would use this as a tool. It is just a way for us to keep track, to see where and why things may have gone not the way they should have and where and why they did. He loved that idea. I think it gives him a sense of accountability for his actions and also makes him feel that someone is there to help provide guidance when he makes a choice that might not be the best. I know it is going to work because after showing this to him it got him thinking. He came up to me an hour later and said,” I think I know why I got so upset during Math group today. I was mad because Mrs. B picked someone else to be the leader of the group and well I did not think that was fair, especially since you were the grownup leading the group. It should have been me as the kid leader.” MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH FOLKS!!!! MAJOR!!! I was then able to talk to him about taking turns and about even if he thought it was unfair how he could have expressed his disappointment more appropriately. We could talk… calmly and timely… probably the biggest component there.

I also printed out a Rules for working in groups sheet that was suggested by Susan Diamond of Diamond Language. OMG this is exactly what we needed. It will be shown to jay before every Group situation as a reminder.(Oh editor note here: It is counting down from 39 because jay has a thing about the number 39 because of the book series 39 Clues which he loves. he asked to change it from 50 to 39 and well since it is his rule sheet we did!)

1. Ask the kids, “What are your ideas?”

2. I share my idea.

3. They may not pick mine because it is their turn for their idea. If I do not agree to their idea, they will not ever agree to mine.

4. If I feel upset, I breathe and count backwards from 39 in my head. I do not have a meltdown and cry.

5. When I am calm, I can listen and be a part of my team.

So both the log and rule sheet were sent to the teachers in an email last night. Have the teachers responded … nope! Am I surprised… nope! The resource teacher has though and she is going to talk to the teachers. I am hoping they will get on board on their own. They are  both wonderful teachers. But if I do get any push back, I will just request a review and revision of Jay’s IEP and have it written in so that it has to be done! Sometimes you just have to play hard ball when it comes to your kids! I’ll keep you informed on what happens.

On a different not I am also over at Special-ISM website today. Check out my post, “PerfectionISM- A Child’s Need to Succeed- Perfectly!”

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