My Aspie is standing on the doorstep of puberty… and I am NOT ready to open the door and let Puberty in!

Jay will turn 11 next week and well… the hormones are kicking in. At least I think they are. I am not certain how much of the way he is acting and what he says lately is real or show. Perhaps both! Here is an example of what I mean.

We took him back to the doctor yesterday to review the CT scan. The doctor confirmed that Jay does in deed need surgery but that it is only on his right foot and does not look as bad as she was thinking it would be. He still needs the surgery because if not taken care of it will get bad. But because it is not so bad she was telling him that most likely he would only need a walking cast for about a week until the swelling in his foot comes down and then it will come off and he will go into PT right away as they need to get that foot moving. Jay got upset. I thought it was about having to have surgery. Oh how naive I am.

No my boy was upset that he would not need crutches. “Why on earth would you want to have to use crutches?” I asked remembering my own sprained ankle of years ago and how uncomfortable and wobbly crutches are. “Because of the ladies!” he replied. This was a totally unexpected response and honestly it caught both me and the doctor of guard. In fact I do believe it was the doctor first who said, “Excuse me?” To which my boy said… “Mom the girls in my class will feel more sorry for me if I have crutches and give me more attention!” he said so matter of fact.

Oh my god… since when did my boy care about getting attention from the “ladies”?

The funny thing was that after hearing his response the doctor not only agreed to give Jay crutches, she said she would not do his surgery over Spring break like we originally were going to do. Nope… he needs to be able to go to school with a cast on so the “LADIES” can sign it, she agreed with him! Oh brother!

Ladies and gentleman… I do believe we have entered a new stage and a very different game. I am not so sure that this mama is ready to play either. So any help with the rules from you moms and dads that have been there and done it would be greatly appreciated!

Now if you excuse me I am going to go deadbolt and barricade the door so that nasty PUBERTY can’t get in!

6 thoughts on “My Aspie is standing on the doorstep of puberty… and I am NOT ready to open the door and let Puberty in!

  1. Oh boy! I thought it was going to be a crisis when I had to deal with the first major zit yesterday morning. I’ll help with your barricade if you’ll help with mine!

  2. Oh Kim and right before Picture Day? YIKES!!! I don’t even want to think about when Gracie gets there! I think hubby will be the one racing to barricade the door then! LOL

  3. My Aspie son says stuff like that all the time and every time I am caught off gaurd! I remeber one time in particular we were visiting his school and he had to use the bathroom when we were walking down the hall to another room. There were some girls standing in line for the girls bathroom which was right next to the boys bathroom. He stopped, licked his finger tips, smoothed his eyebrows and said “Hello ladies” in his best imitation of a a smooth talking guy. He was 8! I couldn’t believe it!

  4. I’ll never forget the day in Middle school when my son’s teacher turned to me and said” He may have autism but he’s still a boy!” I thought my heart was going to stop. My boy had the birds and bees lesson from me, which he was grateful for. He really doesn’t get to interact with girls at school, so I wish you luck!

  5. exactly where you are right now!~ my son Jeffrey (Aspie) is 11 in June and is quite the ladies man already! We already had the ‘talk’ – in detail as vaugeness is not an option! He’s moodier lately, trying to act more ‘cool’ as much as he can….sigh! I’m not welcoming it either, namely the hyper-focus on a particular female classmate…discussing boundaries, as much as i can! Prayers for you and me!

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