“I Know What We Are Going To Do Today” or Why my Aspie likes Phineas and Ferb

Sunday morning, the kids piled into my bed, as they always do on Sunday morning, and together in what had to be a practiced duet said to me, “So what are we going to do today mom?” I wiped my sleepy eyes and moved over for them to get in under the covers. Hubby was already gone as he was working a morning shift so why not… the bed is big after all and any excuse to cuddle with my kiddos and stay in bed longer is good to me. Jay reached for the remote and before I could throw out any ideas as to what we should do, Phineas’ voice (From the Disney Channel TV show Phineas and Ferb) came through the television and said, “I know what we are going to do today!” We all laughed.

Just then a commercial came on about the Live show. I told my kids how a friend of mines daughter was playing Candace in the National Tour. Grace, my actress with dreams of stardom, was so excited about the idea. Jay thought it was cool and wanted to know if she could get us tickets. I said I did not feel comfortable asking for tickets but that if he wanted to go to the show I would get us tickets and then contact her to let her know we are going. And just like that Jay sprang out of bed and headed to the office.

“What are you doing” I sang out to him, still not wanting to get out of bed. “Seeing when the show is coming here.” A few minutes passed and I hear, “No WAY!” Grace and I looked at each other in confusion. Jay returned and said…

“I know what we are going to do today… we are going to go see the show! It’s playing today!”

I got nervous then. I mean what if there were no tickets left, and if there were tickets, how much would they cost me? As if the Disney Gods were looking down on me, I fumbled upon a coupon promo code that offered $10 off a seat. I found some tickets in the nosebleed section that would not make me have to refinance the house and with a click of a button we had our tickets. Then I sent my friend’s daughter an email, not sure if she would even get it.

Well she got it alright and emailed me back. She was so very sweet and kind. Because we were going to the 4pm show and they had a 7pm show that night as well, she could not offer to have us come back stage, there would be no time. So instead she got all the cast members to sign a picture for us and left it at the sound booth for us to pick up. The kids felt so special being able to go to the booth and talk to the sound men directly. Sure enough the picture was there and all the signatures too! It was very very cool! It made sitting in our nosebleed seats not seem so bad!

One gazillion dollar popcorn and cotton candy later (seriously I am in the wrong business) and we were ready to see the show. The fact that we were far away was actually probably better for Jay… less noise, no one sitting by us. It was great. Well my hubby might think differently as he was the one who after working all day and being tired still had to get up and walk all the way down to take him to the bathroom… TWICE! That’s what you get for sitting on the end! LOL

So there we sat. I had sticky girl on my left and butter fingers boy on my right. They laughed, they ate, they sang along, they ate, they dance in their seats when no one was looking of course because after all they are way too old to stand up and dance. (PLEASE) Basically we were having a great time. Then Jay leaned over and whispered something in my ear.

“Mom I think I know why I like Phineas and Ferb. I think they both have Aspergers… Ferb more so than Phineas!” Then he went back to eating his popcorn.

And I sat there in awe of my boy. How easily he could say that, how he could make a connection, how it was okay and so matter of fact. WOW… we have come a long long way. Just a couple of years ago that would never have happened. And the thing is… I think that is why I like the show too! I mean besides the fact that it is campy and filled with lots of adult humor, I think I like the show because the two main characters are smart, and have kind hearts and yes perhaps a little socially awkward… like my boy!

I watched the rest of the show with new eyes. I marveled out how they solved problems by thinking so completely out of the box. I loved how they were not afraid to dream. I envied their total and complete lack of concern for what others thought. If they felt like dancing, they danced. If they wanted to break out in song they sang. If they wanted to build a monster truck that had marshmallow tires they did. OK perhaps the last one I didn’t really envy but you know what I mean.

No wonder why my boy likes the show. Who cares that he is almost 11 years old and still wants to watch it. Let him. And I for one will be sitting next to him while he is doing it! If you bring popcorn you can join us too!

One thought on ““I Know What We Are Going To Do Today” or Why my Aspie likes Phineas and Ferb

  1. Sharon,
    I type this with tears in my eyes. The tears are neither of joy or sadness but tears of shared experience. P&F is a staple in our house, primarily because it’s one of the few Disney shows I can watch repeatedly without heading for the liquor cabinet (I grew up on Rocky & Bullwinkle and the boys from the tristate area have a bunch of moose and squirrel in them). My daughter’s nom de blog is Little Suzy, she’s just as conniving (but in an OK way).

    I am sooo happy you guys got to the show. Any good experience for an Aspie in a large noisy crowd is a great day. The P&F road show doesn’t come within 100 miles of our city so for now, we’ll have to do with the tube.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll go dry my eyes. Hey, where’s Perry?

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