Another Diagnosis to add to our FILE!

Hello world… yes I am still alive! Sorry for the LONG break from Blogging but so much has happened this week. I guess I will get down to the real meat and potatoes which is the new diagnosis that we are adding to Jay’s file. My boy’s chart looks like an encyclopedia. Seriously.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it here before but Jay has been complaining about his foot hurting. Honestly at first I did not give it much attention. He usually brought up the fact that it was hurting right before Taekwando class or if we were walking around for a while. I thought he was just complaining. But than we noticed that he was starting to drag the foot… a lot! Now Jay is flat-footed to begin with and his foot has always pointed outwards, but this was a HUGE difference. I brought it up during one of his PT appointments and the therapist agreed with me that something was just not right and that we should go check it out.

And so this week we finally got in to see a very highly recommended Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. We had heard mixed things about this doctor. There was never any doubt that she knows her business, but her bed side manner was questionable. And honestly I can agree. She was very short with us… until Jay’s X-rays came back.  My goodness you would have thought it was Christmas morning and my boy’s foot was her gift… all wrapped up in a smelly sweaty sock.

The doctor who called my boy by the wrong name at first was suddenly Chatty Kathy. She excitedly pointed out how my boy’s bones in his foot have fussed together. Usually this will not show on a regular X-ray. But… there is so much calcification that it is showing up! In fact she is surprised that Jay can move his foot at all… that is how bad it is. She watched him walk, she pushed she pulled, she twisted or should I say she tried to twist and then she sent us off with a prescription to get a CT Scan so she can see exactly the extent. She also mentioned that she was 95% positive that Jay would need surgery in at least his right foot and maybe both!

I left the office with my head spinning. I knew something was up but had no idea exactly what. Of course we were not 10 minutes out-door before i started Googling: Calcaneonavicular Coalition… the unofficial diagnosis. I will save you the search yourself. It seems to be something that you are born with and it is inherited. Although you are born with it, most children are not officially diagnosed until around 10-12 years old. It seems as the child’s foot grows it causes more pain, stiffness, turning out of the foot. Ankle sprains and knee problems are common because the gait becomes all off due to the foot turning out. The procedure to fix the problem is to go in  to separate the bones and then they will place some FAT in the hole between bones to keep them from refusing while the bones continue to grow.about 10 days in a cast, no weight-bearing on the foot, then extensive PT.

More head spinning.

But first thing first. We needed to get Jay to sit through a CT. I was nervous about this. But I did my best to not show it. I showed him a picture of the machine which he recognized from TV. I told him how only his feet would need to go in. he seemed hesitant but okay.

I called the imaging place and spoke ahead of time to the actual technicians. They were wonderful. I told them about my boy. How he will ask question after question. How if they were patient he would do everything they asked him to do. They seemed to get it. I felt a little better.

Today we went right after school to the imaging center. From the moment we arrived they treated Jay like a rock star. There was no one else there so it was quiet. They took us ALL back (hubby and Grace included) and showed us how the machine worked, talked about what would happen and were ready to go on and on when Jay started removing his socks and shoes and said …

“Let’s Do This!”

And so we did it. Not one problem either. I was so proud of him.

We go back to the Orthopedic on Monday to see where we go from here!  I am sure no matter what she says my boy will say, “Let’s do it!” I hope!


2 thoughts on “Another Diagnosis to add to our FILE!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that Jay is facing surgery. The funny thing is though, I’ll be he sails through while you guys feel like you’re navigating a storm on high seas! LOL! Seriously, I hate this for him, but I’m glad it’s a “fixable” issue.

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