I also have a child who DOESN”T HAVE AUTISM… and she is just as special and wonderful too!

I am always writing about Jay, but there is another child who lives in my house. My Gracie. Oh I could fill page after page with cute little things that she says and does. In fact most of the articles I write for my humor column have some of these little nuggets of gold in them. Anyway… the next few days I am dedicating to Gracie Girl. She deserves it. After all being the sibling to a special needs child is no easy task. It is easy to get pushed aside, lost in the after math of meltdowns, therapy appointments and IEPs.

Gracie is getting older and coming into her own. Oh she still pushes my buttons and we constantly have to remind her to use her big girl voice and stop whinning but she is 8 and well that is what 8 year olds do. But lately, Grace has exhibited some signs of really maturing. I am not not talking in the physical way although that too. (She came into the kitchen the other day and announced that she believes she is at stage 2 of BOOBIE development!” I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack.)  No I am talking about how she handles her brother. Oh they still fight and she is so jealous of him, God know why… but she also understands him in a way that I don’t even. The way she can put her arm on his back and lead him away from a stressful situation, or make him laugh when no one else can. It really is something. She may not admit it… but he loves her brother. It comes out in everything she does. Take  Thursday for example.

Gracie has asthma and the nasty weather changes have been doing a number on her. I kept her home because after a night of back to back treatments she needed to just chill. Besides… I think she needed a day of just cuddling and being the main focus of my attention. So I gave it to her.

We cuddled on the couch, we watched TV and read books together, we talked! It was great. But I still needed to be MOM and made her go lay down in her room to take a nap. About an hour later she came down saying she was done napping. She also said that she was missing having her brother around and had started writing an essay about him. Look what she wrote.

I love how she refers to our dog as Supertastic (Which he is!) And you know who else is Supertastic? GRACIE !!!


2 thoughts on “I also have a child who DOESN”T HAVE AUTISM… and she is just as special and wonderful too!

  1. Such a lovely post, It always surprises me how sibblings react at times, they can fight and carry on but there is such deep love there and they always look out for each other , you are right they are special in their own way….. have a good day.

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