Amazing how 3 cups of coffee can give you an entirely new perspective on things!

You know you have been married a LONG time when you ask your hubby to buy you a new coffee maker for Valentine’s DAY! Yup that is what I did. And to my happiness… the wonderful man gave me my new maker EARLY! Sunday morning I awoke to the smell of dry roasted goodness! Oh how I had missed that. Along with the new fancy schmancy maker were 3 bags of flavored coffees for me to try. Well of course that meant I had to try ALL 3 this morning! I went from this:

To this: The transition was obviously too much because my son, who had just informed me the day before that he had learned about the dangers of  inhalants in his DARE class at school, actually asked me if I had been sniffing markers!I responded nope… it was “just a spoon full of sugar” to help get this Monday Madness down. I think I will have to break out the old movie because both kids just looked at each other and did the old ‘cuckoo” sign to one another!

Hope you have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day! Now if you excuse me I gotta go get some stuff down before the caffeine wears off!

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