It’s Pet Peeve Friday… come let it all out so you can start the weekend off better!

I Love my Family, I Love my Family, I Love my Family! My mantra today!

I was going to blog about this wonderful quote I recently read: Everyone SHINES, Given the Right LIGHT! How beautiful is that? Then I thought about telling you in more detail about the transitioning to middle school meeting with an IEP meeting we had last night. Certainly that would be more informative than what I am about to blog about. But being this is the year of the Oxygen Mask (If you haven’t heard about this project well then hop on over there and check it out) I have decided to not keep things that bother me all bottled up. You know those stupid little things that in the BIG picture really shouldn’t matter but when they start piling up they become this huge mountain that blocks the sun and when the sun is blocked I get all moody and usually explode. Since we don’t want an exploding MAMA… I decided to make today PET PEEVE FRIDAY!

Yes people here is your chance to share your grievances in a safe environment. We all have them. Maybe it’s when the person in front of you in the 10 or under items line has 15  that gets your goat. Or perhaps you have one of those hubbies who leaves his dirty socks on the floor even though the hamper is only 2 feet away. Or maybe it’s the long strands of hair that have fallen all over the bathroom floor that get you going. Squeezing the toothpaste from the middle, drivers who don’t use their turn signals, people who drink straight from the milk container,  skinny jeans on men… the list goes on and on. Share your pet peeve, the thing that drives you crazy and then .. well be done with it and go on and have a great weekend.

I’ll even go first. Here is the thing that set me off today and inspired this whole post.

Tell me please how it is possible for an entire family to walk by something on the floor for three days and not bend down and pick it up and throw it away. THREE DAYS! Let me back up so you get the whole picture.

As you know we recently returned from Florida where we attended my niece’s bridal shower. My sweet niece gave Gracie the pretend bouquet that we made for her to walk around the shower with. This one here:

Awww sweet right? NO! This thing kept dropping its flowers everywhere! Now do you see where my story is going? Yes folks one of the small flowers fell on my floor as you will see in exhibit “A”.

The actual spot of the said flower was the entrance to my bedroom. A prominent spot that EVERYONE passes. I saw the flower as I was walking up the stairs, and then I watched my children step OVER it! It was at that time I decided to see how long the damn thing would sit there before someone who bend down and pick it up.

Day one: I witnessed my son bend down and pick it up. I was so excited. He noticed and he would take care of it. Jay sniffed it to see if it was real and then are you ready for this… he put it back down in the same place! Palm to forehead and insert an UGGGHHH sound right here!

Day Two: The dog sniffs it and then walks by it.

Day Three: I see Hubby slow down as he starts to walk into the room. Yes I think to myself, he sees it and will pick it up. Nope he stops alright, takes off his socks, sniffs them and then drops them on the floor… which of course lands right next to the stupid flower!

I give up! I finally picked up the damn thing and threw it out myself!

I love my Family I Love my Family I Love my Family!

Now your turn… share your pet peeve!

2 thoughts on “It’s Pet Peeve Friday… come let it all out so you can start the weekend off better!

  1. Two days ago we went to ski school, and we were cold and tired, and this opted to leave our wet ski gear in the back of the car. Last night I brought groceries home, and was so happy when my husband came out to help bring in the last items. Since there was just one bag to get, I assumed he would use his OTHER hand to bring in some ski gear. NOPE. Came happily in the house with his one bag, looking all proud of himself. And then was floored when I was disappointed. It was MY fault that I didn’t ask him to bring in the wet jackets and such. Really!? 😉

  2. I think I would’ve been unable to resist the temptation to just leave it there, and really see how long it stayed. I’m thinking at this point about the cheese on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. Of course, at my house it would’ve been picked up and stuck in a barbie’s hair in a jiffy!

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