May all your Bubbles that Burst be Bubble Wrap Ones!

The last few Days I have been all worked up and on a mission to get an apology from David Germain. I really believed that if we all worked together and wrote emails and flooded the inbox of the Associated Press that we would get that apology too.


I had this vision of Mr. Germain being called into his editor’s office and all  of our emails, which would have been printed out, would be thrown into Germain’s face. The editor would demand he retract his review and immediately apologize. And then my bubble burst.


For those that did not see my Facebook page last night here is the email I got and posted there:

My apologies, Sharon. This is the first I’m seeing of your note. I received many emails on this subject, as you of course know, but for some reason did not receive yours. As I said to the other parents, it was certainly not our intention to offend you or them and we regret that we did.

Stephen C. Loeper
West Coast Entertainment Editor
Associated Press / Los Angeles

It is something I know but it wasn’t what I wanted, what I hoped for. I was feeling defeated, deflated…


But then I read this comment from one of my Facebook followers:

“Sharon Thank you for doing this. It started a wave that will make a change for someone somewhere and we may never know the result was because of what you had to do because you know what’s right. However I have no doubt that the wave has begun.” ~ Tracy J. 

It brought a tear to my eye. You see no matter what that stupid writer thinks or anyone else does, the one thing we have is a community people. A support group that is there to blow another bubble for you when yours pops! To lift each others spirits, to encourage us on, to listen, to cry and laugh with!

Then it hit me. Bubbles popping don’t have to be bad things. After all is there really anything more fun than popping Bubble Wrap! I cannot tell you how many times my children have discarded a present and opted to play with that fun packaging stuff instead. Who can blame them either… there is something therapeutic about it. POP POP POP POP! Just thinking about popping them makes me smile.

My Goal for 2012 was to cut myself some slack. It is good to have goals, to have dreams and hopes, but when something doesn’t happen the way we think it should, that is okay too. It is all in the way you choose to see the bubble bursting. This year I am going to try to see my bubbles as Bubble wrap!


So do you have a hankering to smash some bubbles now? Well then check out this virtual version. It is not nearly has fun as squashing the plastic stuff in between your two fingers, but it will still make you smile! Have fun and may all your bubbles that burst be these kind!

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