When One Door Closes… Watch out for your nose!

I was all prepared to do a heartfelt meaningful post about reflecting on my past year. All the change that happened and what my hopes and dreams are for 2012. Then Jay walked in and asked what I was doing.

Jay: What you doing mom? Writing another post? Can I read it? (He glances at my blank post.) Hmmm… not much to look at mom. Having trouble? Maybe I can help.

Me: Maybe you can. Jay how do you feel about the year coming to an end?

Jay: Both sad and happy. Sad cause I really liked being 10 and being in elementary school. 2012  will bring a lot of change for me mom. I am going to be 11 and in the fall I will enter Middle school. You must feel really old.

Me: Thanks!

Jay: As I was saying… seeing my 10th year-end well that is sad. But I am happy to see what the next year will bring too.

Me: Yup… when one door closes another one opens.

Jay: Yeah but just incase I would watch my nose… that would hurt if that other door wasn’t open!

And with that my boy walked away!

So to all of you my wish for the new year is that all your New DOORS OPEN wide. And if by chance they get stuck… I have the name of a great ENT that can fix you up!

Happy New Year and may 2012 bring us all lots of happiness, good health, a little prosperity and tons of HOPE!!!

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