A Merry FUENTES Christmas-Better late than never

So daddy came back on Tuesday and well… lets just say the kids were excited to see him. Not sure if they just missed him a lot or Really Really wanted to open their gifts. I made them wait a little longer (I know how mean am I) and we ate our Christmas Dinner. Perhaps it was the Turkey that made Jay sleepy and thus cranky, or all the waiting or maybe just the change having daddy home… whatever it was he was a whiny mess. But that did not stop him from tearing into his gifts. End result was this…And even with all that, that smile above is all we got. Look at it compared to Gracie! I knew something was up but could not put my finger on it. Besides I was too busy giving Hubby his present. Look what he got…Not sure which I am enjoying more, the present I gave him or the editing job I did on this picture so that his face would not show! HA HA  I think the photo! He looks more like the guy from ZZ Top then Santa!

Anyway Papa had a very special present for me too. He had my very first article ever published mounted and framed. I love it! What a perfect gift! The engraved plaque is still not done but this is what it looks like!Isn’t it nice? Well as you can imagine I was in a very festive and happy mood and perhaps that is why I got so upset when Jay got even more moody. He locked himself in his room playing DS and did not want to join in on any reindeer games. He came out when it was time to go to the movies. He also lost it when the movie we were supposed to see was sold out. Since the Fuentes Family Motto is “Go with the flow” we got tickets for a different movie. But that movie did not start for over an hour so hubby came up with the idea of leaving the theater and go to Target so we could buy the kids covers for the new Kindles they got from Abuela. Let me repeat that… we left the theater!

Jay had a hard time wrapping his mind around that one and well… he broke down. I showed him the tickets and tried to explain that we were going back but by then he was just spent. I guess he needed a good cry because by the time we got to target he was fine. Thank God!

A promise of a large popcorn when we got back to the theater was all it took to get us through Target. After that it was pretty smooth sailing. We came home I made them a frozen pizza and they took showers and sleepily went to bed without any complaints.

Hubby has been off and we have just been enjoying having him home. In fact, I gotta go because we are actually going to try Laser tag! Yes you read right. Jay wants to go to Laser tag and try it out to see if that is where he will have his birthday party in March. (We plan way ahead in this family in case you can’t tell.) Now if that experience doesn’t have Blog Post written all over it, not sure what does! Will let you know how it goes.

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