FINALLY… the post about how Christmas really went!

With photos too!

So by now if you read my Facebook page you know that all in all it was a great holiday for us. I was prepared for the worst and surprised by the best. Okay maybe BEST is stretching it, but all in all it did go well.

So we had a plan. Many of you have been asking if things went accordingly. It started out that way. First we made cookies. Of course eating them was the most fun. I gave them total creative freedom. We ended up with a Christmas caterpillar and a Christmas fish! I love the lips on this fish! How cute is she?After the cookies we started our movie marathon with The GRINCH! This too was a success. And what I mean by success is both kids participated with little arguing and zero meltdowns! Neither one of them were able to appreciate the pure genius of the movie A Christmas Story! Maybe next year.

Jay got tired of all the TOGETHERNESS and decided to op out of ornament making. Which was fine because these suckers were a lot harder to make then I remember them being. Jay did take the lead with all the Santa tracking. In fact it became an obsession with updates occurring every 15 minutes, whether I asked for them or not!Around 9pm when Santa entered into the Northern American Continent Jay dashed upstairs and quickly got ready for bed, not wanting to take a chance that Santa would pass up our home if he found them not asleep! And with visions of Legos and karaoke machines dancing around in their heads, both my kids fell asleep.

Christmas morning was different for us since daddy was not here. I made my poor children stay upstairs while I Skyped daddy and got him online so he could experience their reactions to the loot Santa left them first hand, even if he was not here. After presents I made  them their special Rudolf Breakfast. Complete with a pancake body, cinnamon roll snout, red and green M&M eyes and nose and bacon antlers! Then we went to see the Chipmunk Movie and came home and ate Steak and french fries for dinner (their choice!) Both kids fell asleep watching TV in my bed! It was a nice day and not one complaint about not being able to open up all the presents still under the tree waiting for daddy to return.

Tomorrow I will post the pictures and tell you about our Very Merry FUENTES Christmas. That one had a few glitches. But still it was nice!


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