You Know You Are the Mother or Father of an Aspie at Christmas Time When…

You Know You Are the Mom or Dad of an Aspie at Christmas Time When…

1.)  When Photoshopping a picture of your Aspie in with the rest of the family for the Christmas card seems perfectly normal

2.)  When you find yourself wondering if the Grinch was just a misunderstood Aspie who needed some social skills training. Why can’t those WHOs accept  him for the unique hairy green guy he is! Sigh

3.)  When you feel like calling the 5 o’clock news because your Aspie participated in making the Gingerbread house with the rest of the family without you having to bribe him with the promise of a new video game or book

4.)  When making the above mentioned gingerbread house suddenly is  no longer fun because your Aspie starts regurgitating architectural facts about every famous building ever made from the beginning of time.

5.)  When your very honest Aspie child tells Great Aunt Clara exactly what she thinks about the Christmas sweater she knitted for her.

6.)  When you go to the grocery store to buy Eggnog and end up parking a gazillion miles away even though there was a perfectly good short-term parking spot available up front because you are tired of arguing with your Aspie about what constitutes a short term.

7.)  When you find yourself having to walk all the way to the cross walk instead of cutting across the parking lot at that store because your Rule Nazi says if you don’t you will be Jay Walking and not only is that illegal it is a sure way to end up on the Naughty List!

 8.)  When you spend 20 minutes trying to reassure your Aspie daughter  that Sugar Plums will not really dance around in her head and that it’s okay to go to sleep!

 9.)  When you don’t bother even trying to figure out how to program the new Kindle, iPod Touch or iPad they will get because you know your little Aspie will be able to do it faster than you ever could anyway!

 10.) When you open the messy wrapped present that your child hands to you on Christmas morning and you cry because even though it is just a coffee mug that says #1 Mom that they bought at their school holiday shop it is so much more than that. It represents the huge leaps and bounds such as the fact that your child actually went into that noisy holiday shop to begin with!

I raise my #1 Mom coffee mug to all the other #1 Moms and #1 Dads out there!!

Happy Holidays to you all!

 Do you have any more You Know You Are The Mom or Dad of An Aspie At Christmas Time When’s? Share them in a comment here!

6 thoughts on “You Know You Are the Mother or Father of an Aspie at Christmas Time When…

  1. I loved the blog and it made me giggle wishing you and your family a great Xmas and an even better New Year.Do you have snow yet? here in Australia we are sweltering yet again, to me xmas should be cold so I can’t quite get into the spirit of things but we shall try.

    1. No snow yet it is actually unseasonably warm this week. Like in the high 50’s! Although a white Christmas would be nice I am not looking forward to all the messy snow this year. Angela I wish you and your family a very merry and happy New Year too! Thank you for reading and even better leaving comments! I LOVE COMMENTS! 🙂

  2. When asked what he wanted for a snack/appetizer on Christmas Eve he requested Gold Fish.

    We considered it a success that he helped put the lights on the tree without a single meltdown (or even a near meltdown) for the first year ever (age 14). We didn’t argue a bit when he went back into hibernation while we finished decorating the tree 🙂

    My Holiday Shoppe mug says “Mom, you season life with love” It is my favorite mug ever!!

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