It Takes a Village People…WE WANT YOU!!!

“And I’m not talking about the Musical Group either. Although I still wonder what that Indian was wearing under his skirt. “ ~ Mama’s Turn Now Facebook Page

So yesterday was an interesting day. I mean really interesting. It started out as just your regular Sunday morning. Hubby let me sleep in a little while and fed the kiddos breakfast so that I could fiddle around on the computer a bit. I was checking my Facebook page when my Jay walked into the room and peaked over my shoulder.

Jay- I see you are up to 306 Likes now. Hmmmm.

ME: And what does that Hmmmm mean sir?

Jay- I just think you could be doing better. I mean you have been blogging for how long now? Almost a year.

Me- March will be a year. I think I am doing pretty good. I guess it could be better if I really reached out to folks. In fact I bet if I made an effort I could get 400 Likes by Christmas. (I said half heartily… not really buying into it but not wanting my son  or as I like to refer to him Mr. KNOW IT ALL, to know.)

Jay- Yeah right! Wake up mom and stop dreaming. There is NO WAY you could do it.

Me- Excuse me?Is that a challenge mister?

Jay- Sure whatever. I mean it’s not like you can do it. Trust me mom. You might as well not even try.

And with that the following plea was written on my Facebook page and other Autism Facebook pages that I knew of…

“I need your help. My 10-year-old Aspie who thinks no one is worthy of his genius (Actual words that have come out of his mouth, yes it was hard to keep a straight face when he said them) challenged me. He said there was no way in the world that I could get 400 likes on my FB page by Christmas. I know it is wrong, but I would love to wipe that “you are only a mom and you know nothing” look off his Aspergerian little face. So if you could help pimp my page I would be forever grateful and consider it a Christmas miracle! Just trying to show the BOY that yes anything is possible and that he doesn’t know EVERYTHING! Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and yours!”.

And with that my Village came… I mean they came and kept coming and kept… Within 2 hours I had reached 400 likes. I was so excited and called Jay in to well gloat! (Oh come on you know you would to if you had the opportunity and with my kid that opportunity doesn’t come often. You got grab the bull by the horns when you can)

Me: Jay can you come here a minute please.

Jay: (yelling  down from upstairs… I hate when they do that but of course I had just yelled UP to him so I guess I can’t complain) WHAT?

Me: (Okay if there is anything I hate more than them yelling across the house or being wrong which I really hate, it is my children responding with just WHAT? How rude!) Excuse me?

Jay: (self-correcting mode) Sorry. yes mom? (slowly walks downstairs head still buried deep in his DS game) You wanted me?

Me: Come here and take a look at the screen.

Jay: (Realizing what I must be asking him to look at he slowly approaches my computer and I can see him start to turn a shade of red.) Nice but you said 500 likes and you are still WAY off.

Me: No I didn’t I said 400. Just admit that I did it. (I said perhaps a bit too whiny.)

Jay: 500 likes and I will be impressed. (And he walked away.Geez what is it with kids these days?)

But here is the thing… the numbers kept rising. I mean once again they kept going and going. In fact it became almost addicting sitting there watching it happen. I actually spent most of the day in front of the screen just in awe. Seriously I even posted on my page at one point that I was speechless… and if you know me you know that just doesn’t happen. I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! Even my Wordless Wednesday post have words!

But even more than just numbers I started meeting all these great folks. People who said they could relate to me. They had their own Little Mr. Know It Alls or Little Miss Madams as one poster so nicely put it. And then I had actual folks who have Aspergers themselves. Grownups who were reaching out to me and the village that was growing there on my screen. Interacting with one another asking and answering questions to one another, giving insight into what our kids may be thinking or feeling. I just don’t have words to express what I felt and what I am still feeling.

And then it happened… right before I was about to put the kids to bed. I did it… someone stopped by and liked and I watched the number change to 500. I screamed. It was like the Apple falling in Times Square on New Years Eve. I was jumping around like a crazy person shaking my money-maker. Of course both my kids came into the room. I stopped shaking for a moment and looked at my boy. What would his reaction be? He does not like to be wrong.

Me: We did it! We hit 500 likes. Can you believe it? In one day we did it. You see Jay… anything is possible if you try. Remember that. Both of you.

Jay got very quiet. It was at this time I was questioning my whole Mama skills. Perhaps this was not such a good idea. Perhaps this was just me being selfish wanting more likes, more people to read my words. Was this all ego? I got all nervous inside. But then…

Jay walked over and wrapped his arms around me and he said…

“I am proud of you mom! Good job! You inspire me!”

And he gave me a kiss! He smiled and walked away shaking his head and mumbling… she did it!

And after putting both my kids to bed I walked back to the computer which had by then gone up to 530 and I cried. I mean cried. And as someone wrote on my Facebook page last night… “They were tears of sorrow and tears of joy!”

Because honestly even though it is so exciting and reassuring to know that you all are there, that I am not alone, it also makes me sad because you all are there and I am not alone.  That means there are many more kids, like my Jay,  who are trying so hard to just understand this world that is so foreign and difficult for them and well… that just shouldn’t be so. So yes, they were tears of sorrow and tears of joy!

It takes a Village People… and I ain’t talking about the musical group either. Although I still wouldn’t mind sneaking a peek under the Indian’s skirt!

If you haven’t already Liked my Facebook page, please do. Just click this link and let’s build our village!

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  1. FABULOUS STORY! So glad to be part of the Village People! 😉

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