Who Needs a TROLL When You Have A Sarcastic Husband?

As you all know my hubby travels a lot. I mean A LOT!!! I often get asked how we manage to have the great relationship we have even though he is never home. After I finish laughing, I mean come on people… we have a great relationship because HE IS NEVER HOME… I tell them that we work really hard trying to stay connected no matter where in the World he may be. Thank God for Text messaging! Yes it is the Witty Banter folks that keeps us going. Don’t believe me? Well then see for yourself. Below are snapshots from our actual text message conversation just yesterday morning. It began after I read a sarcastic (but in his defense not mean and certainly true) comment he left on my blog. My comments are in White, Hubby in Blue! And the winner of SMART ASS OF THE YEAR GOES TO… You decide! Highly Effective… Yeah at being a Pain in the BUTT. But he is my Smart Ass, Pain in the Butt  TROLL and I Love him. And he did make me laugh. Not to mention did you see those cute lip icons and the smiley face throwing a kiss he took the time to put in there? AWWWW!


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